Martina’s Alice in Wonderland Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Alice in Wonderland will always hold a special place in every girl’s heart because of its crazy adventures, fantastical characters and whimsical elements. It is also a fitting theme for a girl who gets curiouser and curiouser each day as she grows! Sadly, we can’t let her eat or drink to get bigger or smaller every time she gets too endearing.

Before Martina dives into the rabbit hole of toddlerhood, she had her first very, merry un-birthday party on the 10th of June, out of all the 364 un-birthdays she could have! Event stylist Kidstar Kastles took a page out of Disney’s 1951 animated film, and gave the setting its most playful and colorful twist, while Greentale Photography vividly told a story through their looking glasses, I mean, lenses. Shall we begin?

Setting foot into the party is reminiscent of Alice’s entrance to the Queen of Heart’s garden, guarded by living playing cards who are ready to do their Queen’s, not Martina’s, bidding.

alice in wonderland entrance

“Which way should I go?” you might ask yourself. Well, it depends on where you are going! Over there, nowhere, go back, were the guests able to get to where they want to go? These signs are maddening! In a good way, of course!

alice in wonderland entrance

Nothing was spared with the jaw-dropping ceiling design of Kidstar Kastles, as drapes of bright pink and bright turquoise gave the place its fanciful vibe. Coupled with Japanese lanterns, vines, balloons, and giant cutouts of playing cards and mushrooms, the setting really took the guests to Wonderland.

alice in wonderland ceilingalice in wonderland ceiling

Martina literally lit up the stage of whimsical Wonderland characters! Spot beloved Alice having the silliest tea party with a White Rabbit who’s running late for an important date. How about the Cheshire Cat in the woods?

alice in wonderland entrancealice in wonderland stagealice in wonderland stage

The amazing 3D table centerpieces of the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, piled top hats, and teeter-tottering tea cups seemed so surreal. The Eat Me boxes are filled with pastries so the guests had something to munch on.

alice in wonderland tablealice in wonderland cake

Colorful and wacky, Martina’s cake was every inch a Wonderland in itself. It’s really heartbreaking to slice a cake of this wonderful creation!

alice in wonderland cake

Of course, what’s a fantasy-themed party without a little bit of magic?

alice in wonderland show

And since Alice in Wonderland is a Disney movie, the guests were treated to a repertoire of Welcome to Wonderland and other Disney songs.

alice in wonderland show

Because the story of Alice ends with her waking up from a dream, the revelers took home these character pillow souvenirs.

alice in wonderland giveawaysalice in wonderland giveaways

Li’l Martina looked absolutely adorable in her blue Alice dress, matched with a pair of Cheshire Cat shoesies!

alice in wonderland familyalice in wonderland familyalice in wonderland family

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: KidstarKastles // Photographer/ Videographer: Greentale Photography // Lights and Sounds: Rejectkrew Professional Lights and Sounds // Host/ Magician : Magic of Marcus // Shoes: Mini Melissa // Eat Me boxes with pastries: Aling Remy’s Puto and Kutsinta Since 1930 (09163191811/ 02-3695105)


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