Jorvis’ Baby TV The Jammers Themed Party – 1st Birthday

It sure was a jam-packed event, as the friendly quartet of piano, sax, violin and xylophone jammed with Jorvis at his birthday bash! The Jammers were brought to life straight from Baby TV into the party, thanks to Dianne Khu Designs. To make sure that this party will be a smashin’ hit, cute musical instruments and notes were used as deets and vibrant colors set the perfect jamming vibe. All elements were in perfect harmony, thanks to the purple-lime-blue combo. Props to Happy Folks Studio, we can sit back and tune in to Jorvis’ The Jammers party.

A promise of music and fun exudes from this uber charming entrance. Guests are greeted by this cute little ensemble, made up of drum, guitar and maracas. A white picket fence bordered the area and polka dotted banners added zing.


The stage showcased more Jammers, all in party mode! A xylophone creatively served as the backdrop and big letters spelled out the VIP’s name. An eyecandy-full of desserts and a darling photo ops area completed the whole musical set-up.

mainmain (2)main (3)

I love how the centerpieces were so simple and yet impressive! Musical toys embellished a fenced-in shrub, topped with the celebrant’s initial. Add to that the personalized napkin holder and the table’s all hyped up!

table (6)table (3)table (4)

And what’s a party without a cake? Jorvin’s bash featured a 2-tiered fondant cake bedecked by delightful little musical instruments: violin, saxophone, and xylophone. The bottom tier was circled by piano keys, while a drum sits as the second tier of the cake. A letter J at the top serves as the focal point of the cake. Whipped up by Sugarplum Pastries, this was a sure hit among the guests!


The dessert spread really made my heart sing! Sugar cookies, cupcakes, tiramisu, and cake lollies all jived together for this confection station. The table was so full of sweet goodness that one would have a hard time deciding what to take first. The color scheme made it all the more inviting. The area was backed by a blue picket fence adorned with the birthday boy’s name and some musical notes.

sweetssweets (4)sweetsAsweets (1)sweets (8)sweets (3)

The photo op area was screaming with adorable details! Jorvis’ baby photos were flaunted in the most musical way imaginable: in tambourines! And who wouldn’t want his very own TV program logo? Pastel-colored chairs and music notes mounted on topiaries made this area dainty, but what made it really special and unique were Jorvis’ cute little mementos. Loved ones were given the chance to view snippets of Jorvis’ earlier days through everyday thingamajigs like his first shirt, onesie and jammie, all hung up adorably in a clothesline by the fence. His first towel, first pair of shoes, favorite pillow and favorite toys were all showcased with love.

photo op (3)photo op (6)photo op (4)photo opA

There is beauty in simplicity, and these giveaways are the perfect example. Signed with a simple ‘thank you for coming’ and sealed with a personalized sticker, these gift bags did not fail to deliver.


Here’s the happy family with their little jammer, Jorvis!

familyAfamily (1)

And here’s the little main man, all smiles! With a party like that, who wouldn’t be?

family (5)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo: Happy Folks Studio // Cake: Sugarplum Pastries // Catering: Gloria Maris Greenhills

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