Bea’s Pat the Bunny Themed Party – 1st Birthday

I’m so delighted to share Bea’s sweet party! With a clean and streamlined approach to the overall concept of this event, everything turned out to be refreshing and simply stunning. A charming intimate affair with an even cuter theme – Pat the Bunny, every photo makes my heart swell with sunshine. If your little one is in to “touch and feel” books, chances are you already know this book by heart. With over 7 million copies sold worldwide, I’m so happy to see this book taking the center stage in Bea’s adorable party. Styled by Dianne Khu Designs, I can see lots of precious details throughout the party that is worth a second and even a third glance.

Here’s Mommy Sabs sharing some bits and pieces of Bea’s bunny-riffic party:

“I started planning Bea’s party around May this year and planning this party was truly an exciting experience for me. I originally intended to do the styling myself, having my husband build those wooden benches/fences used as centerpieces as well as the wooden carriage in the photo op area, but then I thought, I can’t be stressed that day!

This is when I researched and came across the beautiful works of Dianne Khu (through Partydollmanila). I immediately liked her work and got in touch with her. She was a delight to collaborate with, very detailed in her craft and just delivers what you want. She takes in your input but also injects ideas which are slowly becoming her special touch. Like her pretty prints, paper mache decors and her extra oomph and wow, I believe this makes every event she styles unique, pretty and just beautifully crafted.

I took to Pinterest for inspirations and initially wanted a Liberty of London-inspired theme. Then again, I wanted the party to personify the amazing, curious and adorable little girl that she is now and what better way to do that but use her favorite, most loved (and memorized!) book, Pat the Bunny. The colors were just perfect and everything about it fell perfectly into place. I made the carrot-shaped cheese puffs using piping bags, Cheetos puffs and green ribbons and voilà! Perfect giveaways!

This party truly has Bea all over it, I’m just so happy and thankful for how it turned out. Every vendor delivered with love and when Bea’s a little older, she can look back and at least know that she was the most important person that day – that we really celebrated her. 🙂 “


With a very pretty peach and light teal color palette used in this book, I’m glad that Dianne and Sabs followed through with it. For their stage backdrop, I love how it evokes a certain chic and polished look without going too far off or too distinctly similar to the book. To make it more personalized, they also put some of Bea’s lovely growing up photos.

stage (2)stage (3)stage (4)stage (5)stage (7)stage

Lest you doubt the power of simplicity, check out their wonderful table setup. Using some roses with book cover themed vases and bunny plushies as table centerpieces, it just shows that you don’t need an over the top setup to make a statement.

tabletable (3)table (2)

A fun and enticing dessert tablescape complete with refreshments is a great way to showcase these gorgeous sweet treats. From Bea’s lovely cake and themed cookies and cupcakes by Sugarplum Pastries, the Cheetos puffs made to look like carrots are too stinkin’ C-U-T-E!

cakesweets (7)sweetssweets (3)sweets (5)sweets (6)sweets (2)drink (2)drink

Here’s the oh-so-sweet Bea with her creative mom and dad.

familyfamily (2)

Vendor listing and reference:
Venue: Arcadia Clubhouse
Event Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs
Photo Coverage: Jo Lim Photgraphy
Catering: Classic Chef Catering
Cake and dessert: Sugarplum Pastries


  1. Thank you very much for the beautiful feature, Ms Jo-anne! We really are grateful for you, this blog opened a lot of ideas for us, her parents! More power and keep inspiring! God bless you! 🙂

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