Audrey’s My Little Pony Themed Party – 4th Birthday

Let’s all take out the party cannons and kick this rainbow-rific bash into high gear! Audrey’s 4th birthday affair was all about charms, colors, and…. ponies! Nobody can deny the truism that girls love ponies. So it was no wonder why Audrey’s parents would throw a My Little Pony themed party for their little miss. In true Friendship is Magic fashion, the event was celebrated intimately with family and close friends. One may ask: Is it still possible for an intimate event to have decorations that would make big statements? And to that, Pinkie Pie answered a resounding “As sure as sugar!”. For event stylist Pompoms + Buntings, the size of the guest list did not matter; all celebrations are special. They really did a great job in making sure that everything is A-oh-hay (that is Pinkie Pie’s version for a-okay, btw). I was especially awed by the love affair between the playfulness of the theme and the rustic feel of the outdoors. Here’s another reason why this little fete was unique: candlelight dinner was served outside, while guests and family revel in the magic of friendship and sunset.

Here’s what Mommy Pauline says about the party:

“It’s an intimate celebration for Audrey’s 4th this time. But I still could not help myself with the decorations! It’s my passion and creative outlet. Also my first time to do a cartoon character theme as requested by my little girl. She loves My Little Pony and her favorite pony is Pinkie Pie. She came in her Pinkie Pie costume, had ice cream & played games with her friends late afternoon. We made a make shift stage for the games and had candlelight dinner outdoors during sunset”.

How about taking some sneak peek at the party and have a dose of Ponyville?

These party staples sure are cute and colorful! With all Mane 6 ponies and Princess Celestia inviting, one must be loco in the coco to say nopey-dopey!


Guests were ushered in by none other than Rainbow Dash herself, so one can rest assured that the party will be packed with games. Colorful paper medallions, pompoms and ribbons served as the gateway to the fun waiting inside.

entrance (2)

Such a cute little patch! Pretty paper flowers in different rainbow colors and sizes highlighted the main area. Of course, party planner extraordinaire pony Pinkie Pie must have her own share of the spotlight, being Audrey’s favorite character. With the big, lovely floral backdrop and the pony which represents the element of laughter, it would be no wonder if this nook also served as a photo area.

main (1)main (7)main (8)

I absolutely love the tables! Set up alfresco, the distressed wooden tables and benches made the perfect contrast to the intensely hued centerpieces. Faux grass served as runners and lanterns were added for that whimsical mood. Pinkie Pie plushies, fresh flowers and a rainbow bearing Audrey’s name were the spread’s stars in these tables.

adult table (1)adult table (4)

The kiddie tables inside were equally beautiful. In lieu of lamps, more ponies graced the tablescape: aside from Pinkie Pie, there’s Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. With the two little red barns standing in as the Ponyville Schoolhouse and a Sweet Apple Acres farm outhouse, it definitely looks like a story is about to unfold right on top of the tables.

table (3)table (4)table (5)table (8)

The desserts station was utterly enticing! Audrey had not just one, but 3 birthday cakes to share her sweet tooth with. Our favorite ponies flanking the colorful and scrumptious desserts ensured that this area is Instagram-worthy. It surely was a delight not just for the taste buds, but for the eyes as well.

sweets (2)sweets (1)

The ubiquitous ice cream is a staple at every kiddie party. Audrey treated her guests to some big scoops of this all-time favorite treat.

cart (1)

Kids get to take home prizes such as combs, bubbles, coin banks and toys. Check out the cute My Little Pony lootbags!

prizesprizes (1)prizes (2)giveaways

Here’s Audrey rocking this ponypalooza with her mom and dad! I think she’s showing everyone what her cute marks are. Are we seeing ice cream?

family (4)family (3)


Vendors who made this happen:
Decorations and styling: Mom Pauline of Whimsy + Chic Invites // Cake Baker: Cakeistry by Awi Chaves // Desserts: La Favorita Ice cream // Invitations & Stationery: Whimsy + Chic Invites // Entertainment: Zacky’s Party City

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