Maya’s My Little Pony Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Girls and boys, no matter what age, will fall in love with Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash – the famous little ponies! Who can resist these girly ponies and the valuable life lessons they dole out? I myself am a fan of My Little Pony – a pure Pegasister, I must say! About three years ago, I decided to watch My Little Pony. After the third episode, I knew I was hooked and until now, I still feel the same pleasure of watching it as I did before. That is why I got so excited when I saw Maya’s party on our “feature list” since I had all these ideas in my head.

Maya’s party was filled with fun, friendship, and pony adventures! Since My Little Pony colors are just about every color in the rainbow, The Party Project went with the rainbow color palette – every bright and vibrant color there is – for the venue. Full of pony characters and imagery from the animated television series, this bash had almost everything to get into the My Little Pony spirit. Read on to see how Maya’s bash is genius to impress adults, but delightful to please the little ones. Let us all gallop to Ponyville and celebrate her milestone!

No My Little Pony bash is complete without a character or two or three! These pony cardboard cutouts were friendly to the eye and were like drawing guests to Maya’s magical bash. The entryway also looked so bright and fun with these tulle tutus provided for kids to mix and match. The tutus came in rainbow hues for every pony personality. Kids were surely a unique streak of equine color with these accessories.

entrance (1)entrance (4)entrance (5)

The stage screamed Pony Power! All elements in sight were styled up with hints of pink and purple. It was set with an adorable rainbow backdrop decked out with gobs of colorful pompoms, paper lanterns, and balloons. The pony cardboard cutouts and MAYA 3-D letters were also used to adorn the stage.

stage (2)

The ceiling decoration was cute, quick, and simple! These lanterns – in every color of the rainbow – instantly gave the room a party vibe.


Having a gallery at Maya’s bash is a fun way to catch a glimpse of her great milestone. The delightfully decorated gallery featured several framed photos of her family, books, and toys – all displayed in festive style. The backdrop was a simple green wall with rainbow tassels hung down like a crown. Blooms were a lovely decoration and the ladder like stands were a fun way to display some of the gallery stuff.

gallery (10)gallery (12)gallery (9)gallery (3)gallery (14)

Kiddie tables were divested of superfluous ornaments so that the little ones can move fairly easily during party activities. Of course, kids needed something to drink so beverages on personalized bottles were just the thing. For the adult tables, a simple centerpiece was put together – blooms and an “M” 3-D letter against a soft pink table linen. Cutie little ponies on custom sticks were also held in place.

table (7)tableAtableB

There isn’t anything – besides a balloon – that screams party more than a towering confection. The fun colors of Maya’s cake made me happy! Blue and pink colors were used as inspiration plus fondant figures at the top to finish the look.


Amazing desserts are a must, like these cupcakes with blue, pink, and white frosting. A variety of toppings were laid next to each of them for kids to have some serious creative time and space. Candies and chocolates in several colors were also a party favorite. Colored beverage dispensers were also used to give a perfect pop of life to spread around the party.

sweets (9)sweets (2)sweetsA

After everyone was sugared up, kids got to enjoy this accessory craft activity! Maya’s bash served an accessory buffet table where kids can freely pick and take home assorted trinkets, and beaded bracelets and necklaces. They can also design for themselves the accessories they dream of.

activitiesAactivities (4)

These great prizes – for all the games the kids played – guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

prizes (2)prizesA

After the cake is eaten and the good times shared, Maya’s pony guests were sent home with these goodies to commemorate the magical occasion.

favors (2)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Quezon City Sports Club // Event Stylist and Photo Credit: The Party Project Manila // Sweets: Maya’s Mom and The Party Project // Cake: The Bunny Baker

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  1. Hi! This is Maricar of Marcjan Events Management.
    I have a client who’s daughter will be turning 7 this July. We’re still searching for a venue near Sta. Mesa, Manila. Expected guests are 100 & 20 kids. Party time is at lunchtime. Motif is My Little Pony. I saw your posting & would like to know about the package & its price.
    Hope to hear from you the soonest.
    Thank you.

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