Adie’s Wizard of Oz Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Come on my little munchkins, we’re off to another exciting journey. Where to? Well, we have to follow the yellow brick road to Adie’s Wizard of Oz-themed party!

While I was sorting the photos of Adie’s party, I can’t help but notice that Mek of NY Giftworks has gone over the rainbow to make sure that this party has all the makings of a perfect Wizard of Oz party. With their own version of this theme wonderfully kiddie-fied, I love how every detail stayed true to the theme. From the Emerald City and the complete cast making a cameo appearance at the party, I also spotted hints of the iconic parts of the movie all through-out the different setup. In short, Adie’s rendition of this theme is a celebration of pure cuteness! So let’s put on our ruby slippers and let these awesome photos captured by Precious Concepts take us to the Land of Oz.

The entrance setup to Adie’s party featured different elements of the movie lovely put together to give their guests the perfect first impression. While we’re at it, why don’t we say “Hi!” to Dorothy’s dog, Toto before we enter the Emerald City Adie’s party?

entrance (6)entrance (7)

Expecting the colors of the rainbow? Guests don’t need to look far because the moment they entered the venue, balloon clusters in different colors painted their ceiling awesomely. NY Giftworks made sure that the rainbow in Ade’s party is pretty impressive! Different characters of the movie were also seen as part of their ceiling setup.

ceiling (5)ceiling (8)

Their stage setup is the real deal. From Dorothy and her ruby slippers to the Good Witch of the North and The Wicked Witch of the West, I must say NY Giftworks gave us the perfect glimpse of the theme all in one amazing set!

stage (30)stage (10)photo op (3)

Tying up their table centerpiece to the theme, they used different character plushies and Dorothy’s iconic accessories such as her basket and ruby slippers. They also used hot air balloons with Toto looking oh-so-cute inside to give this set a wonderful spin. To complete the look, they used blue and white gingham table runners that resemble Dorothy’s dress.

table (19)table (36)table (9)tableAtable (18)

They used the same adorable elements found in their table centerpieces to prettify the kiddie area. Kids enjoyed doing fun word search activity while they waited for the party to start.

kiddie table (1)kiddie table (3)kiddie table (2)

Adie’s guests also enjoyed exciting show, fun games and several yummy snacks during the party. With so many activities, I’m sure everyone had a grand time at the party.

food carts (4)food carts (2)food carts (3)

Another highlight of the party was Adie’s gorgeous cake! It was mind-blowing how they were able to put everything into this one huge cake. Each tier perfectly captured the different elements of the movie. Holy cuteness!


Oh my! Why have one table filled with desserts when you can have two and a half? Adie’s sweet treat area is inviting as well as enticing. My head is spinning with delight just by looking at all these desserts offering by Sweet Creations by Mums. From the cupcakes, cookies, Oreopops and cakepops, these themed desserts looks too cute to eat. It’s hard to decide which one is the cutest!

sweets (4)sweets (19)sweets (14)sweets (23)sweets (24)sweets (29)sweets (33)sweets (42)sweets (47)sweetsA

Adie’s lovely photos were beautifully showcased in this photo-gallery installation. Aside from photos, this set also featured some of Adie’s favorite dresses, shoes and toys to share her baby milestones with the guests.

memorabilia (31)memorabilia (4)memorabilia (13)memorabilia (8)

Adie’s lucky guests also received these cute pillows as party favors.

favors (5)favors (9)favors (16)

Such a cutie!



Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Blue Leaf Filipinas // Event stylist and Coordination: NY Giftworks // Party Details Photos: Precious Concepts // Photo and Video: Nice Print // Host: Chayno // Magician: Ricci Gonzales // Caterer: K by Cunanan

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