Dave’s Toy Story Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Disney Pixar’s Toy Story Theme Party Ideas


The toys in Andy’s room are all agog… There’s a birthday party, and this time around, they’re going to be in it. No need for a reconnaissance by Sarge and the Green Army Men or spying through Lenny, the toy binoculars. The toys got the invites and they’re all in for one spectacularly smashing time with Dave who turns a year old.

Indeed, Party Divas PH are the divas of style! Every nook and cranny in Dave’s birthday bash is an explosion of color and a feast for the eyes, and Dave will be able to look back at this first birthday through a narrative in photos, thanks to Spongecake Studio.

A trio of adorable green aliens welcome Dave’s guests at the entrance that was made to look like Pixar’s Planet Pizza… a “heavenly” entrance with the stars and the clouds, and the Milky Way.


Fabrics in bright yellow, white, deep red and sky blue were used for a ceiling canopy. Paper lantern balls and boxes in the same color hang underneath to complete that lively, festive mood. There were paratroopers all ready to join the shindig.


Andy’s chest of toys is wide open and the gang is out to join in on the fun. There’s Buzz and Jessie waving a warm hello to everyone and an all-smiles Mr. Potato Head standing beside the open chest where “Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear” and a Planet Pizza alien sits. On the other side of the stage stands a piñata Hamm. Buzz Lightyear is seen on midflight using his “terillium-carbonic alloy” wings. Together, the ensemble effortlessly completes an all-Pixar stage.


The tables are draped in fabrics that mimic the red, blue and yellow of the ceiling canopy. A length of burlap is used for table runners. A simple centerpiece consisting of a small arrangement of yellow mums and aster, paper blocks spelling out the birthday boy’s name, and cute Toy Story characters made of felt cloth adorns each table.


Dave blew the candle on this fabulous Toy Story birthday cake. The first luscious layer features Buzz’s awesome Space Ranger suit. The second layer features Woody’s yellow shirt, cow-hide vest and rodeo buckle. The story’s heroes, Woody and Buzz stand atop the cake while other characters adorn the sides.


Party host and magician, Alex Lagula, pulled out all the stops for one marvelous and magical show for Dave and his friends. Wearing their groovy twisted balloon hats, Tectonix entertained Dave’s young guests with their cool dance routine and their amazing balloon creations. The children seem to be all poised to join them on stage and break into their best dance moves.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would be all lit up with posts about Dave’s birthday and these certainly would have included a photograph or two taken in this fun and playful background featuring Hamm and Rex.


Everything about this birthday was wonderful! And to make things even more delightful, Dave’s friends went home with these awesome giveaways in tow – personalized mason jars, Toy Story rashguard, backpacks with a Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody design, and felt key chains featuring the Toy Story characters.


With Dave in the arms of his doting mom and dad, they can only be described as a perfect picture of family love. And there is nothing more that can propel Dave forward, “to infinity and beyond”, than the joy that can come from a home brimming with nurturing love.


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Styling: Party Divas PH // Photo and Video: Spongecake Studio // Host/Magician: Alex Lagula // Entertainment: Tectonix // Side Activities: Kre8tive Bunch (felt keychains) & On the Spot Caricature // Souvenir: Smugzzle (bags) and Curated Treasures PH (rashguards) // Catering: 8 Spoons Catering

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