Rafa and Mika’s Whimsical Dragons and Unicorns Themed Party

Dragons and Unicorns Theme Party Ideas


When you have a seven-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter celebrating their birthdays together, you might scratch your head and ask, “How do we pull this one off?” Thankfully for Daddy Allan and Mommy Monica, Kids Party Hub got them covered with a cute Dragons and Unicorns party theme!

Combine the fierce and strong qualities of a dragon and the sweet and colorful nature of a unicorn and you get the ultimate fantasy birthday party for both the kids and their guests to enjoy! Check out Rafa and Mika’s successful joint birthday bash!

St. Francis Shangri-la Place already has a stunning ceiling, lined with bright lights and a couple of chandeliers, so adding décor to it should be minimal. A simple arrangement of light colored balloons, stars, and paper lanterns are enough to make the venue feel more festive.


Looking at Rafa and Mika’s stage, the two elements of fantasy seem to flawlessly come together. On the left, we have handsome Prince Rafa with his dragon and castle. On the right, we see the lovely Princess Fairy Mika above the rainbow and her beautiful unicorn.


The tables are in alternating pink or blue linens. The pinks are topped with unicorns and rainbows while the blues have castles and dragons. Adorable pictures of the family are also placed in the center of the tables, unifying the table décor.


For guests who have a sweet tooth, the kindest (and cutest!) unicorn and dragon invite you to indulge yourself. Looking at the adorable designs on the cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and candies, you’ll have a hard time devouring them, I bet!


Personalized souvenir bags from Triple A are elegantly displayed and filled with goodies for guests to enjoy. Guests will surely take the magic home!


Look at the big smiles on Rafa’s and Mika’s faces! All the effort Mommy and Daddy put into this double celebration was surely not in vain. How sweet is this family?!


List of suppliers who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: Kids Party Hub // Food Catering: The Creamery Catering // Host/Entertainment: Make Believe Productions // Cake/Desserts: Sweet Creation by Mums // Lootbag Souvenirs: Triple A

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