Ava’s Charming Jungle Safari Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Girly Safari Theme Party Ideas


Sometimes, crossovers come easy, like peanut butter and jelly or pink and floral. But sometimes, it can come as a challenge, like wild safari jungle with cute and fluffy. However, the stylist of Ava’s Girly Safari birthday party executes it perfectly. Just take a look at these wonderful photos from Everyday Sunday Studios.

Don’t be scared, the animals you see are friendly! Take a photo with them, they won’t hurt you. They just want to welcome you all to Ava’s birthday bash.


For the ceiling, mix a little bit of leafy garlands with pastel lanterns and some danglers, the girly safari theme is already in the bag! Simple yet effective.


Join the stars of the jungle up on stage and celebrate Ava’s birthday with a roar! With Ava’s name displayed in 3D complete with lights, you surely wouldn’t question who the real star of the event is though. *wink*


Meanwhile, tables are pretty in pink, each with their own adorable miniature tree and a four-legged friend. Get a feel of a little safari right in the middle of your table!


It’s safe to say that Ava’s cake is perfect. It is covered with three different pastel colors and decorated with Ava’s favorite animal friends! What a charming sugar art, indeed.


Much like her cake, Ava’s variety of sweets are just as adorable. Cupcakes decorated with animal faces, donuts just hanging from the wall, and pastel cake pops are just a few you can gobble up from the spread.


You can see from the kids’ faces that they are having so much fun with the games and entertainment during the party. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be inside a giant bubble? I think we all would.


Of course, you get wonderful prizes for joining the games and a gift from Ava just because you celebrated her special day with her. Ava’s Toy Store got everything you need, from toys to gift bags!

giveaways and prizes_2giveaways_28

Surely, Ava enjoyed her day as much as her guests enjoyed being present. Mommy and Daddy sure did a great job!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Photo coverage: Everyday Sunday Studios

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