Cesca’s Parisian Market Square Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Bonjour! Today’s party will bring us to the City of Light, Paris! Another stunning party by the amazing duo of Party Magic, this over the top fete is nothing but pure loveliness. Bringing some of Paris’ most famous landmarks and delicacies to the party, from the concept to the execution… everything looks Oh La La, indeed! A party that is seriously brimming with awesomeness, you guys should definitely see how they take this very chic theme to the next level.

Say hello to Parisian Market Square-themed party! Setting up 5 different areas around the venue, I love their out of the box thinking around this theme. From Eifel Tower, Notre Dame and Arc de Triomphe to Cesca’s own café, patisserie chocolaterie and flower shop, they have it all! Every guest is in for a very special treat.

Starting our virtual tour around Cesca’s Parisian Market Square, this Arc de Triomphe replica greets the guests at the entrance.

entrance (2)

Their ceiling was adorned with pink and white paper lanterns which no doubt gave the venue a very girly feel. If you look closely, they even have plastic crystal accents added to the strings that were used to suspend these lanterns giving the installation a touch of elegance.

ceiling (4)ceiling (3)

With all 5 amazing setups gathered around the venue, their stage setup went right into the heart of every Parisian-inspired party – The Eiffel Tower. Decorated with this iconic metallic tower, no Parisian-themed party will ever be complete without it.

stagestage (2)

Using different landmarks as part of every table setup, pretty flowers, romantic-looking white metallic lamp embellishment and gold-colored luggage were used to beautify the tables.

tabletable (12)table (2)table (8)table (5)table (4)

Ready to explore Cesca’s Parisian Market Square-inspired bash? The 5 areas around the party were coffee shop, patisserie, souvenir shop, candy store, and flower market.

Off to the coffee shop… Coffee or tea? Would you like some croissant to go with it? Oh my gosh! They really went all out with this party, right?

cafecafe (4)cafe (1)cafe (3)

If sweet treats are your cup of tea, then don’t fret because there’s a chock-full of gorgeous desserts beside the café. It is loaded with eclairs, cake, French macarons, cake and cupcakes. Cesca’s patisserie is love.

sweetsAsweets (12)sweets (11)sweets (9)sweets (8)sweets (6)

Next up is the candy store or better known as Chocolaterie and Confiserie. Here, guests were invited to indulge their sweet tooth with different chocolates and candies that their heart desires.

chocolateschocolates (5)chocolates (4)chocolates (3)chocolates (1)

Flowers also play a big part in making this theme more romantic. If you thought you’ve seen everything a children’s party has to offer, behold… an on-site flower shop! Seriously, how cool is this?

flower market (2)flower market (3)flower market (1)

Before each trip ends, one cannot forget dropping by the souvenir shop! From pens, stationery, bags, shirts to neck pillows and more, each guest was in for a shopping loot bag filled with these goodies.

favors (1)favors (3)favors (2)favors (4)favors

To completely tie up everything with the theme, they even got their own counter to check out their goods!

cafe (5)

Here’s the very chic mademoiselle of the hour, Cesca!



Vedor listing and reference:
Venue : Blueleaf Filipinas Macapagal // Event stylist: Party Magic // Photos : Joshua de Guzman Photography // Video : MG Video // Caterer : Hizon’s Catering // Food carts: Starbucks & Dulcenea // Bespoke Bags (for prizes): Dreamscapes by Jac // Chocolates, items for the coffee shops and some prizes: Mommy

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