Yuri’s Enchanting Unicorn Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Princess and Unicorns Theme Party Ideas


“ Wherever they may have come from, and wherever they may have gone, unicorns live inside the true believer’s heart. Which means as long as we can dream, there will be unicorns.” – Bruce Coville

You can never have too much in a unicorn-themed party. And that’s exactly what Party Station did for Yuri’s 7th birthday shebang. The legendary and elusive unicorns have always been a symbol of truth, strength and purity. And these enchanting and beautiful mythical creatures never fail to mesmerize and capture the affection of kids and adults alike. Dwell upon the wonderful memories of the event through the lenses of Ronly Perez Photography and Designs

As the sparkling invite puts it, guests were enticed to a magical party!


The perfect party prelude! Some stories of unicorns are linked to gods and royalties; hence a castle-like entrance is so apt! Two gallantly cute unicorns welcome guests to a balloon-filled walkway.


“Dreams are the playground of unicorns” and the whimsical extravagance of the ceiling proves that point. Balloons of all sizes and colors combined with pastel drapes and air-gliding unicorns adorn the top of the room.

ceiling (1)ceiling

The lavishness of the ceiling were extended to their lovely stage setup. Every nook is decorated with pastel-colored details and of course, an elegant mishmash of unicorns!

stage (1)stage (3)

The dining setup exudes nobility. Tabletop ornaments include a mini-castle with a tiara and mounted unicorns.

tabletable (8)table (5)

A splendid 6-feet 8-layered cake, with a golden unicorn horn cake-topper is the perfect centerpiece for our darling, Yuri.


Your eyes will surely catch the face of this charming flowery unicorn and your sweet tooth will drive you to gobble these amazing treats! They say you will never get your hands on a unicorn, and they can never be tamed; but this candied spread proved them wrong! Guests were treated with soft-colored dainty unicorn cake pops, biscuits and chocolate cupcakes.

sweets (3)sweets (1)sweetsAsweets (4)

Everyone were amazed with Rico the Magician’s magic show! While I’m sure our beloved Princesses sang together with Yuri’s little guests as they twirl around their beautiful ballgowns.

show (9)show (1)

Talented Yuri gave an impressive dance performance!

show (2)show (5)

These side activities brought out the kids’ creativity! Our little guest-lings got to design their own jewelry, do their make up and paint their nails. Yuri is rocking those pink lips!

side activities (1)side activities (2)side activity

Guest were able to keep all the unicorn loots (and magical glittery dusts lol!) because of these pretty bags.


Our picture-perfect family. Always dance above the rainbows, Yuri!

family (11)family (2)

Vendors who made it all happen:

Styling: Party Station // Photo and video: Ronly Perez Photography and Designs // Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // Host: Mac and Sang // Entertainment: Clowning Around, Rico the magician, Alab poi dancers // Food carts: Lollipuffs, Potato Corner, Krispy Kreme, FIC Ice Cream, Happy Lemon and Purefoods

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