Atarah’s Little Chef Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Little Chef Theme Party Ideas


While some kids want to be a doctor others, a teacher, a nurse, or an engineer – there are few special young hearts who already know that their kind of haven would be in the kitchen. And why wait for them to grow up when they can have it as early as they turned one, right? That’s why we are so grateful to have our awesome friends from the LIPS Events Services for making it all possible for our little chef, Atarah.

This super cool Little Chef themed party is all you’ll ever need to help you out in your kid’s next big day. The kitchen is all set, delicious food is prepared, and guests are on their way. Don’t miss out Atarah’s party details and its exciting decorations!

Atarah’s guests were greeted by this straight-forward yet cute welcome board sign with its chef hat design.


To set the tone for the entire event, the ceiling was decorated with vintage red, blue, and white cloth drapings and playful polka dots balloons. The dominating colors at Atarah’s party are known to boost appetite that’s why it’s a common theme for restaurants and our favorite fast food chains.

ceiling (5)

Sticking to the theme, they were able to perfectly set-up this beautiful retro kitchen backdrop full of everyday pantry items, like wooden spoons, stirrer, pot holder, and mixer. And oh wait! They even put a refrigerator to store those super sweet icings.

main (22)main (12)main (18)main (14)

To give that cafeteria atmosphere, the tables were covered with plain white linen with chef hat as its centerpiece. Simple yet enough to make a statement.

table setting

Craving for the real deal? Who wouldn’t! Check out Atarah’s birthday cake designed to mirror the party’s theme. It looks like a pot full of vegetable soup with chopped veggies on the side and a wooden spoon. Trust me, the kids will go wild on this one.


Another party favorite, look at this dessert table full of yummy-goodness from The Cake Room. They prepared several varieties for guests to choose from. We have cake pops, cupcakes, and macaroons. I can even feel the sweetness just by looking at these photos!

sweets (2)sweets (10)sweetsAsweetssweetsB

For the activity, they also incorporated one of Filipinos favorite birthday games, the Pabitin (hanging prizes) – where in kids have to jump and grab as many plastics they can get. Each plastic contains anything a child could wish for, such as candies, money, and even toys. This game will surely give a good laugh to everyone at the party.


And for giveaways, Atarah’s young guests took home this super cute personalized handbag with more surprise goodies inside. I’m sure the kids loved it!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue styling: LIPS Events Services by Lizette Sy // Cake and Pastries: The Cake Room

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