Rafa’s Fun Day at the Park Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Once upon a time, before gadgets and gizmos surged to popularity, young ones play in parks. Simulation gaming means racing some paper boats in a pond, or throwing paper planes up in the air. RPG means one pretends to be whoever she wants: a super hero, a doctor or mommy. Playing sports would also entail sweat, dirt, occasional wounds, back pats, cheers and hugs. Times spent playing in the park were indeed one of the best times in anyone’s childhood.

This is one of the reasons why I’m excited to share Rafa’s Fun Day at the Park birthday bash. We are reminded to revel in the sunshine, to enjoy the company of other people, and to engage in play using the imagination. And boy, did Party Magic used theirs! Designing and styling an event is no walk in the park, but if there’s anyone who could make it like it’s easy-peasy, it’s definitely Party Magic. Playful characters, cute details, fun activities, delectable food… the wow-factors in this party just never ends!

I’m such a huge fan of simple things with big impact. So when I saw these invites, I was totally smitten. On-point, no-fuss and still utterly cute!


The playful mood was set by the colorful ceiling, adorned with balloons and kites in pastel hues. Swags were also added for dramatic effects.

ceilingceiling (4)

The main area is a true head-turner. Never had a backdrop been bustling with so much energy! Why would anyone make a duck pond in the middle of the stage? Because it’s so adorbs, that’s why! Of course, no stroll in the park is complete without seeing anyone with their dog. So check out the lady sitting on the bench! This set-up also highlights two other unexpected party-goers: a hedgehog and a fox. So neat.

stage (5)stage (7)stageAstage (3)

Tables were accentuated with little kites and miniature park scenes! Talk about small wonders. Fresh flowers never fail to cheer up anything, and that includes tabletops.


A 4-tier sweet goodness is the cherry on top of this party. This cake pretty much mirrors the happenings in the stage backdrop… and some. An express train delivering treats circle the bottom tier; casual park scenes are seen on the next level; a pig being flown away by balloons and a sky banner bearing the celebrant’s name decked the upper layer; and some charming little fellows graced the top. One can always count on Sugarplum to make honest-to-goodness sweetmeats.

cake (6)cake (5)cakeA

I truly believe that this dessert station is a fusion of 2 arts: the art of designing and styling, and that of baking. Such eye candies! These treats gave a whole different meaning to the word ‘playful’. The entire spread was filled with cupcakes and lollies, strawberry cream puffs, slider macaroons, honey-dipped apples, and my personal favorite… those sinful and unique cakes in a jar. Yum! This masterpiece of a desserts station was made by no other than Simply Paris Ph.

sweets (12)sweetsAsweets (3)sweets (8)sweetsBsweets (11)sweetsCsweetsD

Guests were treated to a superb show. Here’s Rafa, plus mommy and daddy, enjoying the bubble show.

show (7)

Added grubs were stationed at the party to make sure that no tummy goes grumbly.

cartsAcarts (3)

No such thing as humdrum in this party bustling with activities. Guests can win cute little prizes at the game booths. Makeshift sandboxes were also provided, much to the little guests’ delight. Now, what else could be missing in these park-centric hustles? A petting station! Anyone gets to play with fluffy little bunnies! Cue in ‘awwww!’.

gamebooths (2)game booths (1)station (6)station (2)station

All smiles for Rafa and his parents! This party was a sure hit out of the ballpark!

family (11)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: Party Magic // Cake: Sugarplum Pastries // Desserts: Simply Paris Ph // Lights and sound system: Crossmix Lights & Sounds

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