Lucia’s Picnic Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Now here’s a picnic that needs no perfect weather; it’s already perfect all on its own! Lucia’s birthday bash has given a different twist to a picnic party. AND WE LOVE IT! Nothing screams picnic more than red-white gingham, squirt bottles and sandwiches, but in this party, it’s all about pastels, floral and sweetness. Picnic essentials were all in their cuteness glory, and the level of fun indoors was as it should be as outdoors. Achieving this feat seemed like a picnic for event styling extraordinaire Kaye Garcia Events. It’s a good thing Little People Lifestyle Photography captured some of the things that we absolutely adore in this fete.

Excited for some snaps? So are we!

The venue was treated to an eyeful of fluffiness, much like clouds, thanks to the white Japanese lanterns covering the ceiling. To break the monotony of the color, dainty paper kites, in soft hues and in floral patterns, accentuated the make-believe sky.

ceiling (3)ceiling

The main area did not hold back when it came to being charming. Pink ruffles served as the background to Lucia’s party monogram, and it really looked as girly as it can get. My favorite accents would have to be the trees, which stood out in colorful and charming patterns.

stage (4).estage (3).e

A picnic party is not one without picnic tables. These were fancied up by sweet flowers in wicker baskets as centerpieces. Simple, yes. But understated? Absolutely not!


Lucia’s cake was downright delightful! Whipped up by Cottontail Cake, those cute little picnic details really stood out against the white fondant, making sure that everything is caught by admiring eyes. Delicate flowers, picnic chow, banners and even a busy bee all made up for this delicious goodness. Not to mention the adorable girl as the cake topper, happy with her picnic and kites.

cake (2)cake (3)cake (4)

Picnic grub took on a different turn, as they materialized as cute little sweets at Lucia’s whoopla. Straw-plaited mini baskets served as cupcake stand and more picnic bites were used as toppers. Cake pops were amped-up as little strawberries, flowers and kites while sugar cookies were displayed like the miniature pieces of art that they are.

sweets (16)sweets (8)sweetsBsweets (12)sweets (13)sweets (15)sweetsA

Guests can take their photos at this cozy little corner, which brought in the freshness of the outdoors (huge thanks to those pretty kites!). Lounge on the comfy quilt, pose with the dainty tea set and flash those pearly whites for the camera!

photo op.1

The hustle and bustle of an outdoor picnic did not go a-miss in this bash. Guests mustered up their artistic skills at the decorate-your-own-pot station. A life-size snakes and ladders? Don’t mind if I do!

activitiesactivitiesAactivities (2)

A charming party calls for some equally pretty loot, so Lucia gave her guests these take-aways. Who knew water bottles could be so pretty?


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: Kaye Garcia Events // Photo Coverage: Little people Lifestyle Photography // Event coordinator: Party Starters // Cake and desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio

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