Tony’s Museum Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Oh my goodness! Every once in a while, we get to see a party that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Tony’s museum-themed party is one of them. With a mammoth cake, dinosaur hedge centerpieces and insect-themed Oreo pops, there is nothing boring about this bash! They even got several life-sized animals to give their guests the perfect ambiance. Literally transforming the venue to a Museum of Natural History, it takes a whole lot of creativity and wit to make all of this happen. Styled by the ever fabulous Kaye Garcia, would you expect anything less? With her mind-blowing and out of the box approach in styling events, it became my weekly habit to stalk her Instagram account to see her latest awesomeness. For the first time here in PDM, my head is reeling over all the details of this one of a kind party! I just love how Kaye uses these unusual or should I say exotic elements and make it into something ‘how-on-earth-did-she-think-of-that’ cool. She really does own the hashtag #ThisIsHowItsDone! Thanks to the awesome team of Little People Lifestyle Photography, their wonderful snaps from every nook and cranny of Tony’s party will help us navigate around this museum-themed bash. So are you ready to join the tour? I’m sure you’ll never want to be left behind.

After featuring several of Kaye Garcia’s works here in the blog, it is quite evident how she loves to give the venue a light and refreshing feel by using a cluster of paper lanterns to prettify the ceiling. The simplicity of the whole installation emits elegance which I really like.

ceiling (2)ceiling

Giving us a glimpse of land before time, mini dinosaur-shaped hedge coupled with succulents and more greenery adorned their table setup. Holy cuteness! Also check out those “Museum Newsletter” that were cleverly used as place mats. PS: Kaye, if you’re reading this, hats off to you! Your creativity knows no bounds.

tableAtable (11)table (1)

Giving their guests the perfect museum experience, they even get to party with these life-sized animals!

table (8)

Joanna of Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse did a super amazing job with Tony’s Museum-themed sweet treats! Even this awesome backdrop perfectly complements the theme.

dessert (1)dessert (2)

This mammoth over here? This is Tony’s birthday cake! I repeat, A CAKE! I can’t even imagine how they will cut this gorgeous piece of sugar art.


You guys! My heart is beating fast. Tony’s dessert spread makes me feel beyond happy! Every piece of dessert looks so original and cool, in short, pure perfection. The sugar cookies, cupcakes, cakepops and Oreo pops, my oh my, I think I’m in love.

dessert (3)desserts (5)dessert (5)dessert (8)dessert (14)desserts (3)dessertsAdessert (6)dessert (11)desserts (8)

The venue is abuzz with excitement as they play different games and activities.


The kids even got the chance to strike a pose with the animals for a fun souvenir snap.


Aptly called the Museum Gift Shop, no kid will go home empty-handed as different party favors and prizes were given out for them to enjoy.

favors (1)favors (2)

Here’s the little guy having a blast on his special day. Happy birthday, kiddo!

family (3)family


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: White Space // Caterer: Cibo // Stylist: Kaye Garcia (Email: // Party planner: Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila // Cake and desserts: Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse // Photo: Little People Photography // // Video: Hello and Co // Host: Marvin Tomandao // Lights and sounds: Sensitivity lights and sounds // Foodcarts: Starbucks, Dippin Dots and Potato Corner


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