Mateo’s Camping Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Wishing to throw an outdoor-inspired party but you want to celebrate indoors? No need to go out hunting bears in the wild for some adrenaline rush. If you’re the bold and adventurous type, then this camping-themed birthday bash would definitely pique your interest! It is quite refreshing as most kids opt for iconic characters from cartoons or animated films, but this one’s certainly out of the ordinary. One good thing about this is it would appeal to people of all ages. Who doesn’t love adventures, anyway? With Kaye Garcia as the stylist, expect lots and lots of swoon-worthy deets.

Welcome to Camp Mateo! As a party outset, this easel sign gave our campers details on the activities to look forward to in the event.

entranceAentrance (1)

To become a camper, first, you must to look like one! Mateo’s outpost made sure the explorers were well-dressed for best experience. A vest and a hat for a camping outfit and we’re all set!

entrance (3)entrance (4)

I’m amazed by the flexibility of these white Japanese lanterns. They know exactly how to blend in, just as they camouflaged with the paper kites and clouds. They really brought out an outdoor feel!


What camp is there with no tents and fire pits? None! These must-haves were set up on stage with a green wall backdrop.


Not only were they on stage, but these camping elements were also added as table centerpieces. As for our little campers, picnic tables were arranged and soft chairs were lined up in front, perfect for an alfresco setup!

table (2)table (1)table

It’s funny how cake designs can easily deceive our eyes. This cake looks lit even without candles! And here are the celebrant and the family ready to put out the fire! Oops, blow the candle, rather!

cake (2)family (15)

When talking about camping, the first few things that come to mind are tents, fire pits, and… *intense drum roll*…s’mores! “Excited” is an understatement to describe how I feel about seeing the dessert tables. They’re complete with cookies, pops and cupcakes that are all wonderfully designed by Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse. The gummy worms on oreos disguised as mud are just plain genius.

sweets (9)sweets (7)sweets (6)sweets (4)sweets (3)sweets (1)sweetsAsweets (17)

But what really fired me up was the s’more table where you can make your own s’mores! Kids and adults alike surely felt the same way!

smores (5)smores (1)smores (4)smoresA

To add to the list of this event’s highlights, games, shows and side activities were also enjoyed by Mateo and the guests. The height and steepness make our palms sweaty but I see no fear in their faces. Well done, campers!

games (2)showAside entertainment (1)side entertainment (4)side entertainment (10)

These are not your traditional plain round cotton candies. There were animal shapes and holiday shapes! T-rex can never look as adorable as this!


Basic camping needs, pens and tumblers were given as souvenirs. The other giveaways were magnetic clips, stamps and flip flops. What I really liked about them was that they were personalized!

favorsfavors (3)

Many thanks to Happy Folks Studio for capturing the most beautiful smiles in this event!

guests (19)guests (20)guestsfamily (3)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Kaye Garcia Events // Photo: Happy Folks Studio // Cake and desserts: Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse

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