Oli’s Shabby Chic Little Turtle Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Dainty Turtle Theme Party Ideas


The turtle has always been matched to powerful traits of determination, endurance and deep wisdom. Never in a haste, the turtle paces through life with small and simple steps of joy and acceptance. But beyond these seemingly tender temperament, is a resilient survivor ready to protect itself.

Combine these mystical nature of the turtle with a dainty synthesis of chic pastel and vintage perspective, you will have nothing less of a perfect theme for Oli’s first birthday and christening. Props to Event Stylist Dianne Khu Designs for putting together a very beautiful shebang. Read and re-live all the wonderful details of this party through the lenses of Playlight.

The signage at the entrance of Arcadia Clubhouse is pretty and straight forward; adorned by cottage-like elements below and soft shades of blue and yellow pompoms, enough to catch your attention.


The ceiling is a cumulus-like smorgasbord of charming party elements: pastel globes, dangling paper twists and patterned banderitas.
ceiling (2)

The stage is simply oozing with cottage-chicness! Light-colored blooms and honeycombs complimented the cute prancing turtle on the floor. The cake also takes center stage in this ensemble.

stage (2)

That little cute turtle also made a debut on the table together with other charming pieces. What an elegant arrangement on the table!

tabletable (2)

Check out their matching kiddie table setup. A coloring activity for the kids is always a good idea to keep them entertained and to entice their artsy instincts!

kids (1)kids

Sugarplum Pastries made sure that all the points of this party came together in this two-tier, carefully crafted cake. And that turtle cake topper is a nice touch too! The button center of the flowers are small details that are so unique.


The balance and spruceness of this dessert spread is very inviting. One look and you’ll know that it is filled with toothsome treats. The biscuits are glazed with lovely soft-hued flowers, buttons, ribbons and turtles-details. The chocolate cupcakes are topped with different delicate-colored flowers.

sweets (1)sweets (2)sweets

Embellished with floral pillows and Oli’s adorable pictures in turtle frames, this lovely nook is worthy of the gram!

photowall (2)photowallAdetails

These knick knacks would surely drive kids to win in games!


Kids will always be sweet-smelling with these bottled scents as they enjoy their loot bags filled with more goodies.

giveaways (1)giveaways (2)

Just look at the beautiful and happy faces of Mommy and Oli!


Vendors who made it possible:
Over all Coordination : Ana Dominique Santos // Event Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs // Catering: 8 Spoons Catering // Cake/Desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Photo/Video/Photobooth : Playlight // Souvenirs: Dreality Souvenirs // Lootbags: Hello Rainbow Goodies

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