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Chelssy Go Couture


“And when all the glitter fades, there’ll still be stardust in her veins”. – Michelle Schaper

As little girls, at one point or another, we dreamed of awe and wonder; of fantasies peppered with sparkles and shimmers; of images bathed in glitter and glimmer. Our little hearts wished to be princesses draped in lace, or ballerinas clad in tutus, or even fairies with pixie dust. Chelssy Go understands her fellow supermoms’ desire to fulfill our little damsels’ dreams. She knows exactly how we want our young ones’ milestones to be extra memorable. And so powered by the magic in her fingertips, she created the Chelssy Go Couture. From the designing of the dress down to the adding of the finishing touches, Chelssy Go Couture’s creations are sewn to exceed your expectations.

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She specializes in children’s fashion, guaranteed to turn the ‘make-believe’ into reality. She can absolutely create an outfit that will match any theme you have in mind. Having a princess party for your little Cinderella? Chelssy will be the fairy godmother who’d gladly conjure up a ball dress. Throwing a fete for your darling fairy, or perhaps a shabby chic shindig? You can rest assured that she’ll make your child a dreamy and a wow-worthy ensemble, perfect for those pro-camera shots and Instagram posts!

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Dress her up in a sweet and charming number! Momentous occasions, like birthdays, always deserve an extraordinary outfit. Get her the best garb possible, and let her savor all the extra attention. All these, without breaking the bank!

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Mothering a young gentleman? Don’t fret: She also caters to princes, knights, pirates…basically anything you or your little son-shine could think of! Who says that only girls can be dressed up? Little boys have dreams too! They are made up of cowboy hats and boots; of rocket ships and space launchers, or of capes and superpowers. Why not save the day for them and let them be what they want to be on their birthday?

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Check out their tailor-made bows! Yes, that divine birthday dress makes your heart go a-flutter, but wouldn’t it be great to top it off with an equally gorgeous head piece? Having everything custom-tailored gives it an extra dose of uniqueness.

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#Twinning at its finest! Chelssy Go Couture can also give you and your mini-me matching outfits. Of course, you’ll want everyone to know that your fashionista self is rubbing off on your little darling. Remind your guests that it’s never too early for style.


From romantic bridal gowns, dreamy party dresses and other gorgeous formal wear – yup, she also got us covered!


You know you’d go the extra mile in marking your child’s birth milestone: from deciding on a theme, to choosing the right suppliers, down to the minutiae of the invites. Planning all these details will definitely take its toll on you, so do yourself a favor and let Chelssy Go Couture take the OOTD wheel. You will thank yourself later.

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