Noah’s Delightful Nordic Inspired Dedication Party

Minimalist Nordic Theme Party Ideas


MODERN, NORDIC, GEOMETRIC, MINIMALIST. It is not a tongue twister (although those words roll like one. lol). Wonderfully styled by Gathered Creative Co., Noah’s dedication party will surely give you a dose of loveliness! A theme like no other, this party is definitely one for the books.

The main idea of this theme is hygge. It is a combination of simplicity, comfort, and practicality. Applying a modern twist, it still exudes a very welcoming and exciting vibe. If you think this is the theme you are imagining for your next celebration — or if you’re just intrigued by how these unlikely concepts came together into a unique and fun affair, then scroll down for more photos by Everyday Sunday Studios.

Let’s all take a moment and appreciate this color palette of cool and collected hues typical of Nordic and Scandinavian designs. It is a very stylish combination of mono-white and gray, muted pastel, and little splashes of bold orange and blue for a bit of warmth. And yes, we are also loving that cute yellow teepee!

stage_4 2stageA

Other concepts of Nordic designs are chic, clean shapes and lines. Just take a look at how they interpreted this in the table setup. I love how all the pieces come together beautifully.


This may not be your typical layered cake filled with toppers, glaze, and icings; but this sweet centerpiece is so refreshing to the senses! Actually, it really looks like brush strokes by a genius painter or should I say baker from Lovelots Cakes.


We scream for classic flavors of ice cream!


You can always find kids having lots of fun diving and swimming in ball pits!


Their photo wall installation looks like a part of some modern art exhibit, right? Guests surely had a grand time snapping swoon-worthy souvenir snaps here.


Judging from the happy faces of the guests, we can conclude that this party was truly a blast!

guests_13 2guests_2 2guestsA

And yes, we can also conclude that Baby Noah is high-key adorable, smiling, and posing with his beautiful parents!

family_10 2family_30familyA

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: Gathered Creative Co. | Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios | Cake: Lovelots Cakes | Location: Acacia Manila Hotel

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