Nikka’s Dainty Enchanted Forest Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Enchanted Forest Theme Party Ideas


Once upon a time, a pretty little girl wandered into an enchanted garden. It was incredibly beautiful that she thought this must be the most magnificent place on earth. The sunlight filtered through the leaves of the trees above and almost like magic, gently woke the sleeping blooms and brightened up the entire garden. Flowers with the most amazing colors and the loveliest fragrances, and the melody of warbling wrens and the soft whispering of wind filled her heart with gratitude for the blessing of sight, smell and sound…

Nikka must have woken up from this dream with a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes. Little did she know that this would be a dream-come-true. Call it a mother’s 6th sense, but almost every mom in every corner of the world seems to know the perfect gift for her child. In this case, Nikka’s mom, inspired by love and relying on her innate creativity, worked with Diane Khu Designs, and together they crafted the most delightful enchanted garden-themed birthday party ever.

Nikka will be able to revisit this memorable experience, leafing through her photographs and enjoying her birthday video thanks to Raj Photos and Shutter Count Photography. What are we waiting for?

All eyes were immediately drawn to the garlands and wreaths hanging from the ceiling – a captivating festoon of flowers, foliage and dainty ribbons that brought the feeling of magic in the air. Everyone must have felt as though they had just walked into a fairytale.

ceiling (2)ceiling

Set against a moss hedge backdrop, the stage featured huge pink peonies, lush foliage and a brilliant butterfly made of lovely flowers in pastel hues.

stage (2)stage (1)

The tables were all dressed up in shabby-chic fashion with a peach table cloth and a burlap table runner. A rustic centerpiece with a moss-covered butterfly, carnations and a topiary set on a wooden crate box adorned each table. For Nikka’s young guests, low tables, chabudai-style, were set right in front of the stage with cushy throw pillows to sit on.

tables (3)tables (1)tables (2)table (2)

As a cheerful birthday song resonated, Nikka blew the candles on a towering three-layer birthday cake covered in lemonade-pink fondant and made even more charming with tiny, pretty blossoms seemingly growing gracefully around it… Emily Uy of Sugar Box Cakes has outdone herself with this one. Pretty peonies in soft pastel pink and peach completed the design and made this cake perfectly enchanting… Can this birthday be any dreamier?

cake (2)

Every sweet craving was satisfied with a dessert spread that featured the best sweet treats from the ovens of Sweet Creations by Mums. The yummy desserts from sugar cookies, cake pops and cupcakes, all so beautifully decorated, kept Nikka’s guests coming back for more.

dessert spread (7)dessert spread (1)dessert spreaddessert spread (11)dessert spread (10)dessert spread (4)dessert spread (5)

Nikka’s guests, both young and older had full hearts and tummies with the delicious food from 8 Spoons Catering and the delightful snack carts from Artsy Cartsy foodcarts.

food cart

Birthdays always spell fun and excitement. Nikka’s young guests must have found great pleasure decorating cupcakes with buttercream frosting and colorful sprinkles and toppings. Some were happily painting away with a supply of watercolor paints, brushes and illustrations set on easel stands. The children’s laughter as they played the games and watched the hilarious performance of Team Gen must have been infectious. And of course, the thrill of the games comes with the thought of the prizes that await.

table activity (2)table activity (1)gamesgames (2)

A camera captured Nikka’s fairy friends striking a pose in a photowall that appears to be part of the gardenscape – a moss hedge wall with photos of Nikka and her family.


Guests received some great giveaways… There were pots of Chalk Lettuce, a succulent plant that can prettify a special nook in any room. There were pillows and other fun items for the children.

giveaway (2)giveaway (3)giveaway

“Children are flowers grown in homes”… May Nikka continue to grow and bloom with the light that comes from her family’s love. We certainly look forward to celebrations as happy and magical as this!

family (11)familyAfamily (8)

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Overall Coordination: Ana Dominique Santos (Nikka’s Mommy) // Styling: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo: RAJ Photo // Video: Shutter Count Photography // Cake: Sugarbox Cakes // Desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // Caterer: 8 Spoons // Photo Booth: Marlly Photobooth // Food Cart: Artsy Cartsy // Party Host and entertainment: Team Gen // Activities: The Party Project // Kids Giveaways: RM Pillows // Souvenirs: Dreality Souvenir and Sweet Ideas Souvenirs // Venue: Grass Residences Pavilion

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