Markus’ Jungle Safari Themed Party – 1st Birthday

The Lion King Theme Party Ideas


Hakuna matata. While it means “No worry” in Swahili, it’s a catchphrase that most of us can’t relate to right now. It is, nevertheless, a subtle reminder for everyone to let go of their problems, even just for a teeny moment. For today’s party inspo, Markus’ parents went to great lengths to make his 1st birthday party a roaring success! Carousel Events turned the venue into a mini-safari, with Niceprint Photography capturing the day’s wild escapades!

Overnight, the party venue, Glass Garden, transformed into an African jungle. Giraffes, lions, tigers, gazelles, and flamingos crowded to the entrance, welcoming visitors into a new world.


The ceiling was covered with crawling vines entwined with paper lanterns, bright ribbons, and swags in exquisite beige, brown, orange, and green colors. Take a step back to admire the magnificent overhead installation suitable for our little jungle king.


Thanks to the life-like backdrop, the stage was set up to look like the enormous African plains, where hundreds of animals flourish and survive. Have you seen the Pride Rock yet? Also, the lush foliage and ferocious beasts completed the stunning setting.


The centerpieces at each table resembled a little jungle, decorated with wooden branches, leaves, and miniature fauna.


Markus’ birthday cake was a charming two-tiered creation by Lucille. What we loved about it was the picturesque view of an African plain, filled with shadows of glorious animals making the trek. The scene somehow made us want to break out in a song, Circle of Life, to be exact.


Of course, what’s a party without an awesome show? Mind-bending acrobatic feats (which should never be tried at home, by the way) amazed everyone. It’s not every day we get to see such jaw-dropping performances!


Besides having a good time, guests also get to bring home tons of goodies! Loot bags filled with treats and trinkets were given as tokens of gratitude for taking the time to celebrate Markus’ first birthday.


Markus, the jungle’s yet-to-be king, appeared to be having a good time with his safari-inspired party. He reminds me a lot of Simba when he was a cub: he’s curious and clever.


Suppliers who made it happen:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: Carousel Events | Photo and video: Nice Print Photography | Cake: Lucille | Catering: Manila Catering | Venue: Glass Garden

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