Demi’s Gorgeous Floral Carousel Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Grand Carousel Theme Party Ideas


Get ready for a merry-go-round of a lifetime, as we celebrate Demi’s first ever birthday in a dainty and grand carousel-themed party! Carousel Events definitely brought the glitter to this function hall-turned amusement park. Check out these awesome snaps by Lester Sy Photography.

Welcome to Demi’s Carousel! Guests were greeted by a tall giraffe and a striped zebra through a light-studded and floral-patterned entrance arch.


Everyone looked high up the ceiling in amazement, it was a marvelous arrangement of rose pink swags, ribbon tassels, gold stars and white and pink paper lanterns.


Yep, Carousel Events did nothing but only the grandest for Demi’s 1st birthday! The stage is decorated with larger than life, light-studded, animal-filled ride fit just for our little princess. I wouldn’t blame the crowd for looking in awe and admiration because I totally love every single detail of this huge stage setup.


The tables were clothed in white and each had a golden runner, finished off with a gorgeous carousel centerpiece giving off an elegant and chic vibe.


Check out this charming four-layered cake! Each layer had a very distinct and detailed design. It even had a mini-carousel right at the top layer. Who wouldn’t want a slice of this pretty pastry?


Check out their matchy matchy dessert tablescape! Choose from a large assortment of sugar cookies, cakes, mallow-pops, cupcakes and panna cotta all in attractive colors of sky blue, candy pink and white!


Don’t forget to take a selfie or two with friends and family at this IG-worthy photowall! A golden carousel complete with arrangements of flowers and light posts.


Demi gave away these awesome neck pillows to her little guests as a simple souvenir to remember her party for more years to come.


Though the roundabout of life, Demi will definitely push through and achieve anything she puts her mind into with the love she gets from her very supportive parents. Stay sweet and bubble, Demi!


Vendors who made it all happen:
On the day coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Event stylist: Carousel Events // Photo and video:Lester Sy // Cake: Nomnom Oven // Venue: Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan

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