Keisha’s Hip Hop Themed Party – 9th Birthday

I’m kickin’ off the week with a party that had made me go “Oh Yeah!” with its uniqueness. If you’re eschewing the normal girly themes then this party will definitely give you a good idea. With a whole new dose of badassery coupled with a bit of backstreet vibes and graffiti charm, well, Keisha’s Hip Hop-themed bash will surely break-dance its way to your heart. With Tiffany Co of Parties Inc joining Keisha’s party crew, I love how she wonderfully added a different kind of swagger to this par-tey. It doesn’t matter what coast you’re in because one thing is for sure, this party is all about F-U-N.

Yo! The entrance to Keisha’s party featured a cool assortment of hip hop swag with extra bling.

entrance (6)entrance (7)entrance (2)entrance (3)

Using black fabric draping at the ceiling, different elements were used to inject colors to the installation. Peace sign, stereo, paper vinyl cutouts and those neon colored plastic springs not only added a splash of color to the set but also infused fun vibes to the party.

ceiling (3)ceiling (2)

There’s no need to hang around the dark alleys or backstreet because they brought the whole scene to Keisha’s party via their stage backdrop. From the graffiti-covered wall and marquee letter standees to the Mustang, holy coolness, they got the gangsta-vibes perfectly!

stage (4)stage (3)

They made sure that even the table centerpieces were very much into the theme. Check out the mini stereo, how cute is that!


If you look closely at their stage setup, you’ll see Keisha’s impressive cake. I’m stoked to see how they captured the different elements of old school hip hop from the design to the color.

cake (5)cakeAcake (2)

They also have more sweet treats to offer their guests and let me tell you that everything looks so hip hop-y to me!

dessert spreadsweets (2)sweets (1)sweets (3)

Kids and adults were invited to channel their inner DJ spirit and spin some tunes in this uber cute photo-op area.

photo op (2)aphoto op (1)a

They also prepared some epic dance number featuring Keisha with The Jive and even the Tectonix crew joined the house! Kids also got to enjoy exciting games with loads of prizes to keep the fun going.

show (1)ashow (2)aprizes (3)

These colorful personalized towels featuring a “hip hop dancer busting a move” silhouette served as their party favor.

favors (6)favors (2)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: Parties, Inc // Cake: Sugarbox // Entertainment: The Jive and Tectonix

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