Karlie’s Paper Dolls Themed Party – 1st Birthday

One of my favorite childhood memories that I won’t forget was when I used to dress up some cut out figures with my cousins. They were colorful and lightweight yet very appealing. Yes folks! Paper dolls! Before there were Baby Alive and Barbie and Ken, there were paper dolls. It started in the 18th century and its popularity went on up to the early years of the 20th century. If you are one of the kids who experienced playing with paper dolls of your different favorite characters, you would wish that your kids would experience the same. That’s why we express our deepest gratitude to Kaye Garcia and Party Starters for doing an awesome collaboration to bring back paper dolls to life in Karlie’s birthday party. These snaps from Happy Folks Manila will surely bring us nostalgia!

Aren’t pink and purple just perfect together? There is no better way to make a full view as pretty as this than by these lovely paper lanterns and oh so chic vintage hanging lamp shades.


The details on the stage are to love! I can only imagine the effort exerted to come up with this paper doll world-inspired platform.

stage (1)stage (2)

I’m pretty sure Karlie’s little guests wouldn’t want to miss any action.

kiddie table

These charming ornaments make me wonder where my old paper dolls are. I’m sure the grownups are thrilled to have them on their tables!

table2table (2)table (5)

Cottaintail Cake Studio certainly knows how to make a dream cake. This delicate beauty is what every little girl could possibly dream of on their birthday!

cake (2)

We all deserve to binge for pastries every once in a while. Everyone undoubtedly indulged in these delightful sweets! Sweet tooth satisfied!

sweetssweets (2)sweets (12)sweets (9)sweets (1)

Partying can be exhausting. Thanks to Karlie’s Pop-Up lemonade stall and yummy food carts, guests can happily munch on these snacks for extra energy.


One of our all-time favorite pastimes – playing with bubbles. But we are not talking about blowing bubbles here, we mean getting inside them!

entertainment (6)entertainment (2)

A playhouse and an arts & crafts station are every child’s haven. And I’m sure every mom and dad knows this well.

activities (2)activities1AD8_3466

The non-stop energy of Karlie’s friends were put to a good use by these fun games. Competitiveness and making friends combined!

games (2)games

Guests can have their souvenir snaps taken in this cozy little space.


We hope the kids get to experience and enjoy the enchanting magic of paper dolls by taking these new friends home. And in case they get tired, check out these cute tumblers given as party souvenir.

giveaways (1)giveawaysAgiveaways (4)

No matter how beautiful the paper dolls were in your party, you will always be Mom and Dad’s most precious doll, Karlie.

family (3)family (21)family (33)

Vendors who made this possible:
Stylist: Kaye Garcia // Party coordination: Party Starters // Cake and dessert buffet: Cottontail Cake Studio // Photographer: Happy Folks Manila // Videographer: Lemon Tree Films // Caterer: Tjoie // Entertainment: Make Believe Productions and ColorPlayHappy (arts and crafts area) // Food carts: FIC, Pouf, Pop up Bar Manila for lemonade and Potato Corner

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