Bea’s Pink Barnyard Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Looking for a unique, but charming party? We might just have the perfect party idea for you. Prepare your hearts and get ready to swoon over this charming Pink Barnyard-themed party for Bea. The place was set up beautifully to fit for a farm-princess special day! Barnyard or farm party is the perfect theme especially if your little one is someone who has a special love for animals and everything farm-ish. Thanks to the ever awesome NY Giftworks team for putting everything flawlessly.

Here are some of the best shots by Hanson Ong Photography. Have fun, guys!

Look at this cute set-up which greeted Bea’s friends and relatives! This super cool entrance was jam-packed with all things farm. From animal standees, barn-like fences to knitted baskets full of fruits and veggies, I love how NY Giftwork thought of even the smallest detail.

entrance (2)entranceAentrance (4)entrance (5)

These awesome table designs will surely wow both the kids and adults. The tables came complete with cow-skin table runner to match the party’s theme, small barn houses and mini animal standees.

table (1)table (2)kiddie table

The event was dominated with pink pastel colored designs that made the whole set look sweet and dainty. And to make it more realistic, they scattered farm animal standees all over the place for that extra oomph.

main (2)main (1)main (3)

And here comes the party’s favorite! Bea’s two-layered cake was just too good for the eyes! Designed with all farm must haves, there were cute animals surrounding the cake and a big number one as the cake’s topper. Plus, the cake itself was designed to look like a barn house. Perfect!


O-M-G! Just look at this oh so sweet Snack Barn. By the looks of it, you already know that you can’t say “No” to whatever you can find on this table. There were cookies, packed flavored popcorn, biscuits, cupcakes, and many more!

sweets (3)sweets (2)sweets (4)sweets (5)sweets (1)

To level this party up some more, they have this “Feeding Station” wherein kids can feed cute rabbits. And to make it easier for our little ones, they already prepared sliced carrots on a stick and some veggies for our bunny friends. I’m sure this one’s a hit!

side entertainment (1)side entertainmentA

Of course, a kiddie party won’t be complete without some crazy games and cool prizes. Thanks to Bea’s Mommy & Daddy for being so generous.


How else to happily send your little guests home? Give them these cute giveaways stuffed with sweet more goodies.


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Styling and coordination: NY Giftworks // Photographer: Hanson Ong // Caterer: Bistro 109 // Host: Chubster // Cake: Sugarbug by Diana Lim

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