Eya and Yana’s Harry Potter Themed Party

There is no denying that we love the Harry Potter series! We have been devouring the tomes and watching the cinema adaptations – and are now passing on the magic to the young ones! We believe every kiddo should have an experience of a story laced with wonders and adventures – from guessing where the Sorting Hat would put them to shopping down Diagon Alley. Fortunately, there is a Harry Potter for everyone!

I can sense some magic around here. I know what kind – and this is something so amusing! Let me wave my wand over your screen – SWISH AND FLICK – and here goes the birthday celebration of Eya and Yana! These two adorable sorceresses made for a great combo and shared the same party. The wizards of NY Giftworks seemed to work their magic on the main space dense with Harry Potter surprises. The colors that represent the four houses of Hogwarts were bursting from every corner and the pieces that turned the scene into a page out of the books were awesome. Oh my, I could not be more excited to see the snaps captured by Homer Limpengco! Accio, Potterheads! Follow along as we head to the secret station and catch the Express for a double birthday celebration at Hogwarts!

The wizarding world can be pretty huge! So for Eya and Yana not to worry about their wizarding friends getting lost, this directional signage – that looked enchanting with faded paint and a Harry Potter typeface – was posted. The challenge? Catch that winged key atop so as to get through each door of magic and fun – wink!


This bash is the next best thing to actually being at Hogwarts! The visuals were detailed enough to feel almost real such as this spectacular Sorting Hat and the logos of the four magical houses. Also, did you notice the mammoth Golden Snitch that seemed flying overhead? Awesome, yes!


The stage was a superb recreation of the Platform 9 3/4! The brick passageway was featured as the backdrop – and looked very interesting in white and gray colors. Guests could also take awesome photos with the luggage trolley embedded into the backdrop and with some of the remarkable story elements – the Hogwarts crest, the logos of each house, a black chess piece closely akin to the one in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, a mirror marked with the exact spooky words appeared on the corridors in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and a statue of Dobby. Oh my, we have got a strong Potter fandom here!

main (6)main  (3)mainA

Thanks to this bash because attendees got the chance to experience a dinner in the Great Hall at Hogwarts! The dining space was dressed for the occasion with Hogwarts house bunting and some trimmings masterfully recreated from the movie – a pair of round glasses, a Gryffindor necktie, a miniature Hedwig in cage, and a Harry Potter book. A selection of festive dessert bowls were also waiting at the tables and ready for nibbling.

table (5)table (2)table (1)table (3)

Eya and Yana deserves not just one, but two cakes from Hagrid of course! Extra points for these confections that have got virtually everything in the Potter universe covered – wizard essentials, Time-Turner, and Golden Snitch!

cake (2)cake (1)

The sweet station was reminiscent of the candy shop beloved by Hogwarts students – the Honeydukes! Attendees rejoiced at the chance to try decorated cookies, cupcakes, pretzels, wafer sticks, macarons, and a lot more food fantasies came into being! I love how the ebony hue – from table covers to cupcake liners – made the sweets perched and look sumptuous!

sweets (5)sweets (4)sweets (3)sweets (11)sweets (13)sweets (12)sweets (14)sweets (15)sweets

For an extra photo booth fun, guests were made to pose as escaped wizards from Azkaban.


A magic show! This already is a staple for any Potter party.

show (4)show

This day may end, but the Potter magic never goes away with these super cool giveaways – tees printed with names of the four houses, collectible Potter figurines, chocolate frogs in replica boxes, and candies in jars.

favors (2)favors (7)favorsAfavorsfavors (1)favors (13)

Here are Eya and Yana ready to wave those sparkling wands and recite the spells!

family (8)family

Aw, sisters indeed are genetically given to us as the optimum best friend choice! Love love!

preevent (4)preevent (35)preevent (11)preevent (33)

Vendor listing and references:
Event styling: NY Giftworks
Photography: Homer Limpengco Photos
Cake and desserts: The Little Cakeshop
Host: Ricci the Magician
Doll souvenirs: Precious Moments
Themed shirts: The T-shirt Project
Photobooth: Funlipix Photo Booth

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