Hope’s Enchanted Forest Themed Party – 7th Birthday

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“Children see magic because they look for it.” – Christopher Moore

There’s a playful happiness in the air at the thought of every quest when a child looks with the mind’s eyes. The possibilities are endless! One can sail off on a pirate ship or swing from tree to tree in a jungle, fly with glittering fairy wings, or frolic in candyland with unicorn friends. And then, there’s a daring young girl named Hope who wanders around an enchanted forest in search of adventure then soars among the clouds on the back of a magical dragon. Thanks to the creative genius, Bespoke Manila, Hope’s fantasy becomes a reality in an enchanted forest-themed 7th birthday that is like no other. Delightful Little Darlings Photography was around to catch every priceless moment and we get to experience them through their brilliant photographs.

Like an exquisite watercolor painting in different shades of purple, Hope’s invitation exudes a mystical forest vibe that makes one imagine sitting at the foot of the tree and gazing at the periwinkle sky.


The magic continues with an arch of big pink and purple flowers intertwined with twigs and glittery magenta and violet tinsel. Fairy lights make the entrance feel like a gateway to the enchanted forest.


Under a canopy of pink and purple fabric are strings of tinsel garlands and vines of mauve-colored leaves.


The stage is set like a forest clearing. Trees with coral leaves standing on either end of the stage. At the foot of the trees, dark violet flowers grow on the rocks. Clusters of lavender leaves seem to flow over a vine-covered wall that serves as the stage backdrop.


The tables are all dressed up in crisp white cloth complete with a glittering purple table runner. A stunning centerpiece consisting of lovely flowers – hydrangeas, mums, and dahlias with eucalyptus sprigs, arranged in a rustic chic wooden box adorns each one. Succulents and herbs planted in ceramic mugs jazz up an already gorgeous table and make wonderful giveaways for the guests too.


Hope blew the candles on this perfectly crafted cake. The top layer is a pink castle with turrets perched on the bottom layer designed to look like a steep hill with fondant trees. Gum paste flowers like peonies and anemones along with ferns and other gum paste leaves are stunning adornments that make this cake even more amazing. There must be fairies at work in Sugarplum Pastries.


A feast of sweets accompanies Hope’s wonderful cake in an enchanting set-up with a wall of foliage under an arch of purple and pink balloons and bouquets. Guests enjoyed trifles in three different colors, garnished with pink and purple chocolate shards and sprinkles. There were sugar cookies in the shape of turret windows with a stained glass effect using crystal sugar. Guests also loved the glazed donuts and cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Jars of candies, lollipops, and trays of cake pops with chocolate-covered rice Krispies treats took the guests to 7th heaven. Milk served in vintage bottles helped to wash the sweets down.


Guests relished a superb banquet laid out for them. As if this was not enough, the food carts served Thirsty Turtle, Potato Corner fries, and Dippin’ Dots ice cream.


Everyone, both young ones and young once were treated to a spectacular show.


The fun never seems to end with a host of exciting games and lots of cool prizes. And we’re not done yet – a kiddie salon also kept the children busy.

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The best take-home from Hope’s awesome party are selfies taken with these magical dragons in the background.


Hope’s friends went home with these in tow – small bean bag seats with neat dragon designs and goodies in purple tin buckets.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Coordination: Bespoke Manila | Stylist: Sweet Nest Events | Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Photo: Delightful Little Darlings Photography

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