George and Kalli’s Adorable Pumpkin Patch Kids Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Pumpkin Patch Kids Theme Party Ideas


There’s something about Cabbage Patch Kids that is just too adorable for words. That is why we are absolutely excited to share today’s party inspo! What makes this party brimming with cuteness? Well, it has two adorable celebrants — George and Kalli. The creative team at Bespoke Manila pulled all the stops in making this fete into something that’s Insta-worthy! Check out all the pastel goodness, exquisite daintiness, and cuteness overload on these wonderful snaps from the CBC Photography Studio!

Ceiling décors are often overlooked, but we think they shouldn’t. So whenever we see something amazing, it’s definitely worth the praise. And at this celebration, the overhead installation was simply gorgeous! At first glance, you’ll notice the ensemble of chic umbrellas, paper lanterns, and flowy swags. Everything’s pretty in pink, but with a touch of green and white—a definite nod to the Cabbage Patch Kids’ famous logo. But what really made us kilig were the hanging floral wreaths in the middle! Aren’t they oh-so dainty?


Frankly speaking, we’re quite smitten with the dreamy stage set-up. Draping verdant vines, vibrant bouquets made into hoops, and twinkling fairy lights were such a sight to see! We’re taking down notes because this is truly one chic décor.


Instead of elaborate centerpieces, each table had something simple but no less fancy. Jute-wrapped bottles filled with delightful blooms made for tasteful accents.


A twin celebration means two cakes and twice the fun, right? Li’l George and Kalli each had a one-tiered birthday cake, full of wonderful details you can find on, where else, a cabbage patch! Spot the ladybugs, vines, and flowers!


Can you guess what is one of our favorite areas at a party? The dessert spread, of course! Cupcakes, cakes, and other treats made for an exciting sweet feast. And the icing on the metaphorical cake? Milk—the perfect complement!


At George and Kalli’s fete, things took a fancy turn with scrumptious spread. Rather than a charcuterie board, there’s an impressive selection of bread, cold cuts, cheeses, and fruits filling the table. The next cart, on the other hand, was home to a refreshing collection of wines and juices.


And while adults were busy with the fancy feast, kids got to have fun with paint and building blocks! Activity nooks were set up, and kids can choose to paint their masterpieces or construct one of their own.


There’s also a lovely nook filled with George and Kalli’s charming growing-up photos, a mini-gallery of sorts. A beautiful floral wreath, a vibrant bouquet, and a stylishly placed throw completed the overall look.


Since it’s a Cabbage Patch Kids-themed party, guests took home adorable dolls as tokens of gratitude from George and Kalli. It made us want to get one for ourselves as well!


Look at George and Kalli, aren’t they so charming? We hope they had fun celebrating their first birthday as much as everyone did.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Coordination: Bespoke Manila | Stage and ceiling: Sweet Nest Events | Photo: CBC Photography Studio | Cake and other desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Food cart: Aperitif | Food: Hizon’s Catering | Host: Marvin Tomandao of Jive Mnl | Painting Activity: Party project | Venue: Century City Mall Events Center

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