Franco’s Tropical Surf Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Surf’s Up Theme Party Ideas


We’re saying goodbye to the cool “Ber” weather, but here at Party Doll Manila, we’re all excited to shout “Hello summer!” especially if we get something sunny in our inbox! If you’re dreaming of the sun, sea, and sand, then you’re going to absolutely love li’l Franco’s cool tropical-themed bash! From the creative hands of Mago Events Stylist, they delivered a far out fete full of warmth and playful vibe. Hang loose, pick up your ‘boards, and ride the big waves for a bit of seashore fun. Are you stoked yet? Well, we are so ready to surf’s up, dude!

A charming arch of surfin’ elements welcomed families and friends for a swell time at this li’l dude’s celebration. We spotted fruits, fronds, and surfboards for some frolicking fun, well, under the sun!

entrance (2)

Over the course of twelve months, Franco had plenty of time to grow up! Snippets of his amazing milestones and adorable moments were shared to guests who came to make merry as well. This teeny dude already loves the water since he enjoys swimming, aside from charming strangers with his sparkling grin!


Seeing the stage made us feel like we’re in the beach once again. The gorgeous shore setup is giving us Baler vibes with the surfboards and palm fronds, not to mention the lone beach chair – totally perfect for lounging! Dig in a little bit closer and you’ll really feel the sand between your toes!

stagestage (2)

We loved the minimalist, laid-back vibe of our little guy’s surfin’ fete – just like how it should be done! A little bit more and we’d be hearing waves with the entire beach setup!

stage (4)

Sprucing up each wooden table is a charming assemblage of Franco’s cool theme and palette of greens, browns, and oranges. Tiny surfboards and palm trees atop lush greenery looked totally rad and giving us organic feels, tbh.


This is definitely one cake by the ocean we’d love to dig in! It was a whimsical ombre creation that perfectly mimics the calming colors of the sea – a perfect feast for the eyes. Looks like li’l Franco is all hyped up in his green surfer shorts. What a playful topper!

cake (3)

Take a step back to appreciate their stylish dessert tablescape. Mind you, eating sweets never looked this chic!

sweets (1)

It was a table laden with well-crafted cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies that are definitely oh-so-heavenly for those with sweet tooth! We’re floored with the adorable details on each of these tasty treats – from hibiscus blooms to tiny surfboards!

sweets (3)sweets (2)sweets (4)sweets (5)

To cap off the delightful fete, guests took home a bucketful of goodies, which, IMO, are ideal for snacking and lounging by the shore.


Need we say more that it was an awesome, but relaxed, affair?

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Mago Events Stylist // Cake and desserts: Maure Confections

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