Tyler’s Little Surfer Dude Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Totally tubular!! Tyler’s ultimate surfer birthday bash is so awesome, it’s making tidal waves all throughout the party-sphere! It’s the perfect day to ride the waves, as guests head on to the impact zone – one of Manila’s premiere party place, the Palace Pool Club. What made this party really stand out was that there was no rigid program to follow; the atmosphere was set off as if the guests were in a beachside fair. You know what this means, right? It means no schedule to follow; anyone can eat at any time, anyone can have fun at the booths as much as they want, and anyone can enjoy the pool as long as they wish! Thanks to the creative DNA of Dianne Khu, the venue was primed as a surfer’s dream turf. The open space provided natural sunshine, which was critical to any surfer-themed party. Perfectly curated beach elements were fixated on selected areas, to highlight the venue’s focal point: the ginormous swimming pool, complete with delightful and colorful floaters!

Excited to check out this party wave? Check out shutterbug Daniel Tan’s snaps, and see a rush of reasons why this is an af-fair to remember.

I am a self-confessed sucker for catchy and straightforward invites; and Tyler’s is, hands down, no exception. Channeling the colors of the sea and the sky, this party teaser made sure that the guests know what to get excited for!


Guests are welcomed into a vibrant space that, from the get-go, exudes the feeling of sizzling summer. Tyler’s entrance set-up boasts both of aesthetic and functional elements. A surf board and some floaters offer a promise of a tremendous afternoon and a wickedly cool venue map gave a glimpse of the different booths and activities in store.

entrance (2)entranceA and map

Itching to channel off the cool and hipster side of you? Don’t fret; Tyler got your back! Even the non-beach lovers (if there are such people, that is) would love to have a couple (or more) snaps at this photo area. Exuding Dianne Khu’s artistic panache, this area could readily send anyone off on a road trip to the nearest beach!

photo-op (2)

Kids-at-heart can lounge around and catch up with each other at the designated adults’ area, where grindage like mixed balls, nachos and coffee are served. Those patio couches with matching throws are just perfect, so guests can laze at their leisure. Just when you think that the area is already perfect enough to compliment the laid-back ambiance, here comes Dianne Khu with her artistic prowess and Voilà! The entire space transforms! Banners in blue accentuated the ceiling and coffee tables were oomphed with cute little beach elements. Even the food stalls were dressed up to the nines. Skirting took on a different meaning, as the booths donned grass skirts. Blue leis were also added, mirroring the overhead decorations.

adults area ceilingadults area carts (2)adults area carts

Who knew that such an enticing pool exists right in the heart of the metro? It’s always summer at The Palace Pool Club, and Tyler made sure that his guests knew this. Big, colorful floaters are the perfect add-ons to make swimming more delightful. Prefer to stay dry? Bask on one of the poolside sitting areas and loll away the afternoon, while the young ones tire themselves out at the party activities.

pool areapooltable (5)

Curated by two superb party head honchos, Dianne Khu for the design and Sweet Creations by Mums for the desserts, Tyler’s sugar shack is definitely impressive. Veering away from the usual solid colors, this little turf was given life with ‘to-dye-for’ hues. Hip elements, like the VW beach bus, the seashells, the palm tree and the surfboard, radiate the perfect ocean vibe. Complementing the theme, the desserts came in all their sun-kissed glory as beach balls, surfboards, flip flops and even Bermuda shirts! I can assure you these sweets were wiped out faster than you can say “Awesome!”.

sweets (8)sweets (10)sweets (11)sweetsA

Another confectionery masterpiece of Sweet Creations by Mums, Tyler’s cake boasts of 5 layers of stoking goodness! Reflecting the same design elements strewn all over the venue, the cake features surf and summer bits. Topping off this decadence is a cute little surfer dude, roughing out the waves.


The Palace Pool Club just gave ‘upstage’ a different meaning! Steering clear of the usual DJ booths, this party just got more hyped with this exhilarating and fun set-up. I love that the upper part of the stage exhibits a feeling of adrenaline and intensity, while the lower part emanates relaxation and a laid-back vibe.

kids area (2)

For a party that is exceedingly beautiful, and is a legit fun factory, Tyler’s bash is unapologetically perfect. Since it’s a fair-type celebration, Tyler made sure that his guests did not run out of games, activities and prizes. Contrary to the adult’s area, the kids’ area is bustling with excitement. With game booths such as can toss, balloon burst and fish-catching, kids towing loot bags is just an ordinary sight. Understandably, all these fun and frolic will take its toll, so Tyler made sure that food booths are all within an arms’ reach. After all, we don’t want to lose our winning streak just because of grumbling tummies, do we?

kids area (1)kids area (3)kids area (4)kids area gamebooths (1)kids area gameboothskids area prizes

Got love for the aesthetics instead of the athletics? Good news: There’s an entire area allotted just for you! Guests can cultivate their passion for the arts by creating their own paintings, decorating flip-flops (yes, which can be taken home), and making sand art. Tables were also peppered with coloring pages and crayons. And who says that surfing is all about wet and wild? At Tyler’s party, it’s also about glitz and glamour! Dudettes can head on to the salon station to have their nails and hair done. Stoked!

activities area (ceilingactivities area (15)activities area (14)activities area (11)activities area (2)

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun”. I bet it would really be hard to tell who’s the best surfer among Tyler’s lovely guests, then!

guests (6)guests (1)guests (2)guests (3)guests (4)

Here’s little Tyler with his parents, spreading good vibes in tidal waves.

family (6)family (8)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Venue and food: The Palace Pool Club // Styling: Dianne Khu Designs // Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // Photo: Daniel Tan Photography // Video: Lemon Three Films // Chairs: Windsor


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