Fiona and Freja’s Fancy Nancy Themed Party – 1st and 7th Birthday

Bonjour! They’re so fancy; you already know, remember their names… Fiona and Freja! These two sisters chose the theme Fancy Nancy for their party and may I say – C’est Magnifique! Fancy Nancy is a children’s book by Jane O’ Connor. She’s a young girl who adores all things extravagant. (For more info about the story read this link). Adding a dash of Paris-glam to this party complete with some lovely sweet desserts, their party is just as charming even without going over the top with details. A sweet and uncomplicated birthday soiree, this relaxing party is all about having fun and of course, Fiona and Freja.

F&F? Does that mean Fancy and Finesse? It’s Fiona and Freja, the birthday celebrants!

stagestage (2)

For the table setting, it’s a mix of vintage and floral. With Eiffel Tower, strands of pearls and lovely quotes for their centerpieces, you can never go wrong with having these details to prettify any Parisian-themed party. I simply love those pink & purple boas used as chair accents, it’s the perfect Fancy Nancy-element I’ve been looking for.

table (9)table (22)table (6)tableA

Did you ever wonder what Parisian sweets taste like?

cakeAsweets (3)sweets (5)sweets (7)sweets

This delightful setup features some of Fiona and Freja’s lovely photos. With lots of cute elements used in this area, I bet F & F’s fancy guests had fun taking their souvenir snaps here.

gallery (2)gallery (11)galleryAgallery (5)gallery (8)gallery (9)

This theme will never be complete without any posh makeovers. Since Fancy Nancy is all about glam and well, fancy-ness, a kiddie salon is in order.

activityAactivity (2)

Supplier listing and reference:

Venue: Bayanihan Center (Kapitolyo, Pasig)
Catering and styling: The Posh Caterer
Photo Coverage: Silver Screen Photobooth
Cake: Topcakes
Cupcakes: Wacky Factory by Verna

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