Dash’s Gone Fishing Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Are you a big fan of the rod and reel? Then put on your waders or wellington boots and get your fishing gears ready because the genius stylists from Design Avenue have created an exciting fishing excursion that is sure to hook you in. Mike Sy Photography cast a line to catch Dash’s boatload of birthday fun in his outstanding photos.

Let’s start with the “Gone Fishing”-inspired ceiling, festooned with a string of coral orange and kelp green balloons that resemble the float line in a trawling net. In between the float lines are strings of fish like the bounty of the sea that had just been caught. Hanging alongside the fish are paper lanterns in pretty pastel colours.

ceilingceiling (1)

“All is fish that comes to the net” of the expert team from Design Avenue – their artistry comes to the fore with a stage that shouts, “fishing ground”! The backdrop is a rustic fisherman’s cottage with the catch of the day hanging out to dry. All the accoutrements of a fishing fanatic complete the design: a row boat, chum buckets and a tackle box, rope and a scoop net. A crate, wooden box and lanterns add a shabby-chic feel.

stage (7)stageAstage (4)

The tables were dressed with beige table cloth and a length of burlap as a table runner – certainly a unique touch to the table design. For a centrepiece, a small tangled heap of black fishing net and some dock signs with silly notes complete the fishing theme.

table (2)table (5)

Dash’s cake is a wonderful underwater seascape. Overlapping layers of fondant in decreasing shades of blue create waves in an almost 3D effect. Cute little fishes swim about. At the top of this fishing hole is a boat and the birthday boy, Dash casting a line and catching a whopper!

cake (1)cake (4)

Dash’s dessert spread is one to elicit squeals of delight from his little angler friends and perhaps even the adult guests who enjoy a sweet or two. Every mouth-watering sweet treat is fishing-inspired…mud pies with gummy worms that resembled a chum bucket’s contents; cookies with adorable fondant fish and donuts as lifebuoys.

sweets (5)sweets (1)sweets (2)sweets (7)

Dash’s young guests are happy as a clam with these neat giveaways tucked inside fishnet bags – yummy, crackly fish crackers and fun bubble-makers.

giveaways (1)

With doting parents who are hooked on their darling children, young Dash is certain to have happier and even more spectacular birthdays in the years to come. May they continue to bask in a bottomless sea of family love.

family (1)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Design Avenue // Photo: Mike Sy Photography

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