Xyesha’s “Of Candies, a Princess and her Unicorn” Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Whimsical Unicorn and Candyland Themed Party Ideas


Little girls’ dreams are made of candy, spice, and everything nice, and they’re painted with rainbows, cotton candy clouds and sparkling, silvery pixie dust.

Sweet 7-year-old Xyesha celebrates her birthday in a dreamy candyland, complete with whimsical unicorns and a pink castle nestled on fluffy clouds. She made a wish and the planning pixies from Party Doll Manila Events and the design fairies from Diane Khu’s team surely made her wish come true with a flick of a magical wand.

At the entrance, Xyesha’s guests have a first bite of the sugary world that awaits them inside –a huge donut with strawberry glaze and a giant cupcake with vanilla icing and colorful sprinkles.

entrance (3)entrance (1)

The ceiling is festooned with clouds of white balloons and paper lanterns in soft pastel shades for a dreamlike, fairy tale feel.

ceiling (1)

The magic continues with Xyesha’s wonderful stage. Like a page from a storybook, we see a unicorn happily prancing along an alley lined with pinwheel and citrus slice lollipops instead of trees. A pretty princess awaits at the foot of a pink castle, probably contemplating the exciting adventure they’re about to have together.

stage (1)stage (4)stage (2)

Soft pastel fabrics dressed up the party tables, and each one is decked with a centerpiece that is as dainty and delightful as Xyesha’s candyland – a simple but elegant arrangement of white, pink and purple flowers inside a white “Cinderella coach”. And the main attraction is Xyesha’s favorite unicorn whose mane and tail almost mirror the colors of the flower arrangement – light pink, yellow, lavender and periwinkle.

tableAtable (7)table (6)

Xyesha’s amazing cake is 3-tier tower of sweetness! Sweet Creations by Mums has outdone themselves with this cake that has all of the dreamy elements found in the stage – pinwheel lollies, a pink castle and a pretty princess with her adorable unicorn, ready to fly to their great adventure among the clouds and pastel-hued rainbow… It simply looks too pretty to eat.


The dessert spread is most certainly a wonderland for every sweet tooth among Xyesha’s guests. Even those not too fond of sweets will want to check out the goodies in this corner especially since everything has been so beautifully curated.

sweets (2)

Everything looks so good! From delicate cookies shaped like unicorns and fluffy little clouds to chocolate cupcakes made more mouth-watering with a cute fondant unicorn, a princess crown and a princess’ dress. They even have rice crispies, cake pops and macarons to complete the set.

sweets (3)sweetsBsweets (12)sweets (16)sweetsA

For more gastronomic yummyness, Xyesha’s guests were treated to the extraordinary icy concoctions from Ice Pops MNL with flavors like Oreo n’ Cream, Strawberry-Nutella, Milo Monsters, and especially concocted for Xyesha’s birthday, Unicorn Cake. To level-up the sweet, wispy cotton candy are Lollipuff’s version of this sweet treat in cute animal shapes.


Fun games and musical show from Parties with Jive rocked the house! Even our dear Xyesha showed the guests her moves in a special dance number.

entertainment (25)entertainment (40)entertainment (45)entertainment (48)entertainment (50)

Let’s not forget Xyesha’s 7 friends who shared their warm wishes.

message (8)message (2)message (1)

The best take-home from Xyesha’s party is a photograph in this picture-perfect photowall.

photowall (1)

“Let’s give the guests a hand!” says Happy Hands of Wax Hands Philippines, and so each of Xyesha’s young guests go home with a personalized wax hand mould that was easy and fun to make. Who would have thought a hand could create a smile in just a minute?

giveaways (2)

The contents of these tote bags will not have lasted the ride home after the party… For sure, the children would have given in to curiosity and excitement.


In Xyesha’s “happy-ever-after” story, her family takes the lead roles.And the heroine is 7-year-old Xyesha, ready to dream the dreams of a beautiful tomorrow…

family (4)family (17)family (14)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Planning and Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Event Stylist: Diane Khu Designs // Photos: Little Coeo // Video: Bella Morcen Films // Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // Venue: Le Reve Events Place // Caterer: Hizon’s Catering

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