Danny’s Zoofari Birthday Adventure – 1st Birthday

Jungle Safari-Theme Party Ideas


One-third of a child’s first words are animal names. If you play a video about animals, chances are that this typically high-energy child would sit in rapt attention. I would say that most children’s initial exploration of zoology began years ago when they were toddlers watching animal videos, interacting with pet cats, dogs, or rabbits, or keenly observing tortoises and gently handling the Albino Burmese Pythons at the Kinder Zoo.

An example of such a child is Danny, a boy who celebrated his first birthday with an amazing “Zoofari” adventure, surrounded by his favorite savannah and woodland animals. Danny’s parents spared no expense to ensure that his first birthday was truly spectacularly happy. Events by Popping Parties, along with Confetti Warehouse and Ripples of Life Photography, delivered beyond expectations, helping Danny and his family create a beautiful memory that they can fondly cherish in the years to come.

The entrance was decked with an arch of bright yellow, green, and blue balloons coupled with neutral black and white balloons. A group of cartoony animals on board a safari jeep waited to greet his guests.


The ceiling created a truly festive atmosphere with hanging mint green, lawn green, orange, and yellow paper lantern balls. Interspersed among them were vines, which added a touch of the jungle or forest ambiance.


Guests couldn’t help but get drawn to Danny’s Savannah-inspired stage. The backdrop was a shadow outline of the Umbrella Thorn Acacia and some savannah animals. Sitting on a tall barrel next to the backdrop was Danny’s birthday cake. Charming paper mâché animals stood on both sides of the stage.


The photo booth at Danny’s wild bash featured a jungle backdrop adorned with Tree Philodendrons and palm leaves. Completing the scene were a paper mâché elephant, a lion, a zebra, and a deer, providing a perfect spot for Danny’s guests to pose for a selfie or two.


Cakes & Cookies Company took cake decorating to another level with Danny’s incredible three-layer cake, beautifully adorned with fondant representations of his favorite animal companions.

cake_252 copycake_257

Guests could always be expected to form a beeline for the dessert spread, and that’s exactly what happened at Danny’s party. Everyone enjoyed the skillfully decorated cake pops and cupcakes, each adorned with adorable fondant animal faces. Sweet!


While guests experienced a “party-in-the-mouth” with an assortment of gourmet treats from The Creamery Catering, they also relished a collection of coffee flavors that Pedal Café had to offer, and the delicious sorbetes flavors from Sorbelato to top off the delightful meal.


Expect an incredible show to kickstart the party! Ernest Erney Arcilla, a versatile entertainer, hosted the event. The adorable and cuddly bear joined in the fun, entertaining the children, thanks to Richards Mascots, who also organized the face painting activity. A bounce house with slides and a ball pit provided hours of playtime. The children were overjoyed with the fantastic show and thrilling games. Just take a look at those beaming faces!

games_690games_847show_542poster.pdmside activities

Danny’s friends will think about him and the fun time they had at his party whenever they use the personalized lunch bag and drinking bottle, which feature an endearing design of a cartoon version of Danny and his animal friends.


A first birthday marks the beginning of many milestones to come and forms a significant part of the first chapter of a story that will be filled with countless experiences.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Coordination: Events by Popping Parties | Styling: Confetti Warehouse | Photography/Videography: Ripples of Life | Venue: Infinity Condominium | Catering: The Creamery Catering | Party Host: Ernest Erney Arcilla | Mascots: Richards Mascots | Cake & Desserts: Cakes & Cookies Company | Food Carts: Peppa Wings, Pedal Cafe, Sorbelato and Soyblessed | Mobile Bar: Mixed Mobile Bar | Lights and Sounds and Play Area: Ada’s Wonderland Party Needs | Souvenirs/ Giveaways: Hello Rainbow Goodies

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