Clarkie’s Soccer Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Football Theme Party Ideas

clarkie cover

For the love of soccer, our special guest today is a great fan of this so called game. A happy and playful little dude, this fun-filled and high adrenaline party truly suits his personality. I raise my glass to Dianne Khu Designs who made it possible. I myself really felt like I’m in the game! So come with me and let’s take a peek to Clarkie’s 1st soccer game.

The entrance says it all. Along with the grass turf, it’s like entering the soccer field. And not to mention the welcoming board on the side that added extra cuteness. This is too exciting!

clarkie soccer party entrance (2)clarkie soccer party entrance (3)

Check out their awesome ceiling setup. The props used were perfect for the theme. There were banderitas with Clarkie’s name on it and those trophy design with #1 easily caught my attention. I like how some of the white lanterns were made to look like real soccer balls hanging from the top.

clarkie soccer party ceiling (7)clarkie soccer party ceiling (9)clarkie soccer party ceiling (8)

Let me walk you through the stage. I bet everyone really enjoyed taking their photos here. It literally brought out the cheerleader in me. Go Clarkie!

clarkie soccer party stage (1)clarkie soccer party stage (3)clarkie soccer party stage (2)

For kiddie tables, kids had their sheets to doodle on. Along with are pre-packed crayons just so to keep those little hands busy.

clarkie soccer party kiddie table

Simple and neat as it is yet you can still see the concept of the game. I’m a huge fan of matchy-matchy when it comes to party setup so their table centerpiece got me smiling.

clarkie soccer party table (26)clarkie soccer party table (27)

Inspired by the game itself the cake was designed by Sugarplum Pastries with awesomeness in mind.

clarkie soccer party cake (6)

Let’s take a quick look at those tempting sweets! Oh and yes they are so delicious-looking you can’t stop taking a snap or two.

clarkie soccer party sweets (5)clarkie soccer party sweets (1)clarkie soccer party sweets (2)clarkie soccer party sweets (3)clarkie soccer party sweets (4)clarkie soccer party sweets (7)

What’s a party without fun show and games? Even our celebrant himself enjoyed every moment.

show (2)show (1)

Of course, no one left the party without a memory of Clarkie’s day. Those are bear-y cute giveaways, indeed!

clarkie soccer party giveawaysclarkie soccer party giveaways (14)

Well we wouldn’t want the day to end without a happy family portrait.

family (1)family (2)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios // Cake/Dessert Station: Sugarplum Pastries // Host: Dan Santos // Catering : Urban Feast

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