Brielle’s Magical Butterfly Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Butterfly Garden Theme Party Ideas


Do you know what they say about butterflies? That they are nature’s angels and I guess, they’re right. Butterflies start from being a crawly caterpillar and transform into something beautiful that makes the world a prettier place. Their beauty is so captivating that it makes people’s hearts flutter (pun intended). Speaking of flutter, get ready to be mesmerized by these awe-inspiring and sweet details of Brielle’s pastel bash styled by the creative team of The Party Choice by Ai. So flap your wings because you don’t want to miss the details of this uber gorgeous fete photographed by Cy Gorres Photography.

Brielle’s outdoor party has an exquisite main setup to welcome the guests. The whole arrangement is a dazzling eye candy – full of pastel balloons of different sizes, pink peonies and roses, and of course, butterflies.

main_ 002poster.pdm

Aside from butterfly paper plates and cups on the table, a little whimsical accent is all it takes to get the perfect look. And for this bash, it’s a pair of wings placed at the back of each chair. Cute, right? The surprise does not end there though, the kiddie table has pink boxes for all the kids. Any guesses on what’s inside?

kiddie_ 023kiddie_ 110kiddie table_ 019

I can’t help but think of enchanted gardens upon seeing this cake made by Fribbys. How can a pastry look so magical? The pink layers of fondant are just a starter, it’s the butterflies that make it more stunning.


The dessert spread is filled with tons of bite-sized sugary treats. It’s like a little corner to make the sweet tooths’ day a little sweeter because there’s no denying that desserts make everything better.


Potato Corner and Thirsty food carts are ready to serve guests who prefer a lesser sweet snack.

food carts_ 114foodcarts_ 031

To end the day with a bang, Kirby Beo Moreno had some magic acts for the kids and kids at heart to enjoy. I mean, everyone loves magic.

magic_ 383magic_ 344

Here at Party Doll Manila, we love looking at the details, big or small. So here are some additional details from Brielle’s party that are worth sharing.

details_ 001details_ 020

Each guest received a simple token to remember Brielle’s lovely birthday.

giveaways_ 034

Lastly, here are some snaps of our birthday celebrant. The happy smiles of her parents are proof that Brielle is making the world prettier for them, just like a butterfly.

family_ 095family_ 088family_ 073

Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: The Party Choice by Ai | Photo: Cy Gorres Photography | Cake: Flibbys | Host and Magician: Kirby Beo Moreno

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