Amber’s Dreamy Pastel Dinosaur Party – 2nd Birthday

Girly Dinosaur Theme Party Ideas


Who says girls can’t party like a dinosaur? That can’t be true because I know a dino-loving ballet princess named Amber, and she had an awesome dinosaur-themed second birthday complete with glittery pastel dinosaurs! With a lot of pinks and lilacs, plus some mint green and lemon-yellow hues, Party Magic turned the Mesozoic giants into adorable creatures that every little girl would love.

With the fantastic photos that Everyday Sunday Studios took that day, Amber and her family could treasure their memories of this momentous occasion.

With a flick of Party Magic’s wand, balloons appeared like pastel-colored clouds, and under the clouds, a lilac triceratops greeted Amber’s guests “Hello”! Despite the gentle colors, guests knew they were in for a “roaring” good time.


The ceiling was a visual feast: balloon clouds, Japanese paper lanterns, and metallic foil curtains hanging from the ceiling evoked thoughts of cotton candy, marshmallows, and gum drops.


Amber’s stage was set with daintiness in mind and comes complete with friendly Jurassic reptiles painted pink, lilac, and yellow. The backdrop was a primeval forest painted in light shades of purple. The spectacular stage and ethereal ceiling decors worked together to create an atmosphere of wonderful magic.


The best seats at this party were reserved for the kids. Set close to the stage, the kiddie tables were covered with white lace and had vases of beautiful flowers in Amber’s favorite colors. In lieu of placemats, the children had a fun activity page where they could color, trace, and finish a maze.

kiddie table-28kiddie table-27

Around the children’s tables, there were adult tables with white lace and light blue fabric. Every table had a cake-like centerpiece with toy dinosaurs on it.


Amber blew out the candles on this magnificent, towering cake. All three layers were covered with seamless pink fondant. Gold-painted fondant was used as gilding around the top and bottom of each layer. Pink gum paste roses with gold leaves and cute fondant dinosaurs adorned the cake, and as a final embellishment, a ballerina princess looking poised to do a pirouette was placed on the top. What a truly delightful cake!


The VIPs at this party were Amber’s friends, and they went home with some fantastic goodies. There were pink, yellow, and purple bags filled with fun toys and other children’s favorites. Best of all, the children received these adorable lunch bags that were designed with cute dinosaurs playing with Amber.


Here, in a kiss sandwich, our birthday girl glows. Her journey in life is still long but she will certainly find her way as she grows in her parents ‘love.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Party Magic | Cake: Bespoke by Jackie | Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios

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