Aedan’s DIY Baptismal Candles

Here’s the closest I’ve come to DIY-ing stuff, Aedan’s baptismal candles. To be honest, I’m no Marta Stewart and as to my creative/artistic ability, I guess it’s pretty much close to 0. lol. Anyway, for Aedan’s baptismal candles, I really wanted to try something different. Let’s just say I want to inject some sort of boy-ish twist to it while still maintaining the spiritual meaning and importance of the baptismal candles. Hence, the color and design of the materials I’ve bought for this special project of mine.

So basically in less than 5 minutes, you’ll get yourself an adorable baptismal candle without breaking a sweat (and your wallet). Did that catch your attention? Yes? With the right decorative tape and glass candle holder, voilà! It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Lucky for me, I saw this super cute transportation designed tape with matching white & blue clouds and nothing looks more boyish than that.

Glass Holders
Decorative Tapes


Sharing with you here are some of the wonderful snaps taken during Aedan’s baptismal ceremony held at Sanctuario De San Jose.

prepBprepAchurchchurchAchurchCchurch (5)church (6)


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