Party Decor – Chandeliers

Remember the chandeliers made by Pinwheel Crafts for Sui’s Tea Room Party? What I love about these kind of ceiling decors is that you can make them in any combination of colors and materials. Depending on your chosen materials, these chandeliers are easy to do and can be done in few hours.

Here’s a simple DIY guide on how to make one.

  1. Cut strips of your chosen materials to varying lengths.
  2. Attach them to a circular ring (Glue, Tape or Stitch)
  3. Then attach the ring to the ceiling.

Crept Paper Chandelier: (Source: Strawberry Chic)

DIY chandeliersDIY chandeliersDIY chandeliers
Cloth, Ribbons and Lace: (Source: Pinwheel Crafts)

IMG_2863 copy
Yarn (Source: Wedding Chicks)

DIY chandeliers
Fringe Chandelier (Source: Armelle Blog)

DIY chandeliersDIY chandeliers
Paper Cut-out (Source: Hosting Essence)

DIY chandeliers
Origami (Pinterest)

DIY chandeliers
Have Fun!


  1. I so love reading and doing DIY Stuff! these are not just for party but I think it can be use in bedrooms as well most esp that origami! So love the colors too <3

    • Some use these in their nursery room as mobiles (origami) or they put lamp inside like a real chandeliers 🙂

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