Zia’s Arabian Nights Themed Party – 1st Birthday

The Arabian Nights theme is a truly elaborate and decadent motif for a girl’s birthday celebration. Think magic carpet, pillows, canopies, stars and lamps. But this is not your typical Aladdin/Jasmine kind of Arabian Nights theme. Zia’s birthday bash is about creating a magical and extravagant affair in an Arabian Palace.

Our eyes sparkled with the details of this feast. Vibrant colors of purple, blue and gold are hemmed in to make the guests feel like they are transported to the Islamic Golden Age. Thanks to our friends from With A Flourish for bringing this theme to life and For Keeps Photography for capturing the best moments.

Here’s what the stylist, Sarah Abano, has to say about planning this event:
“For our celebrant Zia’s first birthday, her mommy chose “Arabian Nights” as the theme. It’s because the name Zia is of Arabic origin which means “light and splendor”. Aside from that, this theme is not as common. As the stylist, I wanted guests to remember the magic of Arabian Nights without any direct reference to Disney’s Aladdin. Some elements I used to bring out the Middle Eastern look and feel were moon and stars, magic carpet, brightly colored bottles and lamps, and even a life-size camel. For the stage, I decided to focus on the interiors of an Arabian palace. Little Zia of course was the spotlight of the event in her beautiful Arabian princess costume.”

Now, I can already feel my body doing the belly dancing moves; let’s go take a peek at the minutiae of this lavish fete.

A huge gold ring with hanging gold stars welcomed Zia’s guests. Right at the entrance, guests will already feel the vibe and excitement this party will bring.

entrance (2)

The dreamy ceiling was perfectly embellished with colorful drapes. It was accentuated with gold balloon stars and white, silver and gold paper lanterns. Such a sight to behold.

ceiling (1)

One word to describe the stage: Magical! It was elaborately dressed up with purple, pink and blue backdrop; a table with detailed pieces, two dainty princess canopies, bright hued pillows, and more gold stars. And yes, that is a life-sized camel adding so much surprise to this whimsical stage.

main (10)main (8)main (5)main (4)main (7)

Collectible pieces such as colorful and fancy bottles, and mini treasure boxes adorned the tables. They are perfect centerpieces to this pink and gold table set-up.

tableBtableAtable (8)

A dessert spread fit for an Arabian princess indeed! Look at how this table was luxuriously decorated with lovely colored cupcakes, cookies, and other sweet treats. The sight is too stunning, you’ll feel like Ali Baba inside the thieves’ den trying to take out a treasure.

sweets (11)sweets (2)sweets (9)sweetsAsweetsBsweets (10)

This intricately designed juice station will not only help you quench your thirst and satisfy your taste-buds, but will also let you enjoy a delightful view.

drink (3)drink (4)drink (1)

Homemade Marshmallows torched and sandwiched in between Two Aged Homemade Cookies with Melted Chocolate and Sea Salt from the North. Yes, that’s St. Hale’s Torched Cookies for you. Cookie sandwich doesn’t get more indulgent than this.


Check out Zia’s guests! They sure are having tons of fun at the party.

gamesguests (1)

And here’s our adorable Arabian princess, Zia. So pretty in her colorful costume.

family (1)

Our celebrant with her proud parents, beaming with glee. They’re all dolled up to match with the motif.

familyfamily (2)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: With A Flourish // Photographer (Main): Davids of For Keeps // Photographer (from Stylist): Grethel Ulang // Reception Venue: Bel Air Clubhouse // Catering: Verleo // Desserts: Celeste de Ausen-Bautista // Food Cart: Torched Cookies by St. Hale // Invitation: Emmir

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