Zara’s Lovely Swan Lake Themed Party – Baptismal Celebration

Swan Lake Theme Party Ideas


Delicate as a swan, and calm as a lake, that’s how I would describe this whimsical and mesmerizing baptismal affair. There really is nothing more fancy and captivating than a Swan Lake themed event. Filled with the softest elements, this event can turn any guest into a graceful ballerina in a few turns.

The mood is set with the softest pink and pristine white palette, accentuated with strips of greens that resembles the forest near a lake where we can find the lovely swan princess. An assortment of blooms, of white carnation and baby’s breath, highlighted with pink roses, are displayed all over the venue, which embodies the pureness and innocence of a newly baptized child. Every corner looked crisp and clean, simple yet elegant. Compliments to the lovely styling by Khim Cruz Events, Zara Ysabelle’s delicate baptismal celebration was made even more memorable to her family and guests alike.

I bet every guest will agree that the main stage is the center of interest and attention upon arrival at the reception. It was exquisitely decorated with soft elements that compliments the theme. The backdrop has baby Zara’s name, which was beautifully written in calligraphy font. Looking as graceful as how they are supposed to, the two white swans with silver crowns are the real stars of the display. Green leaves and vines were used to accentuate the backdrop and the sides of the long dessert table, and they were adorned with pretty blooms of white and pink. The combination of light colors and elements blended well together, an ethereal sight that seems too perfect for this world I might say.

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Each table was covered with white table cloth and over it, a soft pink one. Light pink printable labels were placed on top of charming, light gray plates. These long tables, which are now becoming a trend, are embellished with dainty centerpieces. A delicate white swan is placed in the middle, and beside it are classic-shaped vases of baby’s breath, pink roses, and white carnations. Guests will surely feel delighted being seated in front of this wonderful arrangement. But let us not forget to appreciate the green vines twined at the back of the elegant-looking white chairs.

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Now this three-layer pearl pink cake is truly gorgeous! The bottom layer of the cake is adorned with beautiful large flowers, too pretty to even eat. The second layer sits an elegant white swan with a silver tiara. And tipped to the top layer of this lavish cake is Zara’s name, colored in light gray. This concoction was designed in a way that it looked simple and classic, yet elegant and stunning.


Desserts anyone? But of course! Who could resist this array of lavish sweet treats! Cake pops, sugar cookies and cupcakes that are intricately decorated to match the theme. Looking closely at those cake pops, you’ll notice that some has the neck and wings of a swan, while the others are decorated with pink flowers. The sugar cookies are designed to look like a frame, they had Zara’s name written inside the gray frame to personalize it. And what’s a dessert spread without cupcakes? These cupcakes looked heavenly, whipped with light gray icing and topped with a personalized topper. What a lush display of eye candy! This will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, for sure.

sweets (1)sweets (4)

Soft as a baby’s touch, these plush pillows are the perfect giveaway for intimate events as this. It is decorated with a swan, with a gold tiara, and of course, with Zara Ysabelle’s name. Anyone would love to snug and hug this pillow, with the warm and cozy feel it brings.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: Khim Cruz Events // Cake and Desserts: Honeys and Cakes // Souvenirs: Little Creatures Shop

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