Tiffany’s Japanese Inspired Party – Baptismal Celebration

There are lots of adorable details in Tiffany Blair’s Japanese inspired party! From the cherry blossom tree replica at the photo op area to the lovely wishing tree centerpieces, everything in this party was dainty and sweet just like little cutie, Tiffany. Special thanks to Mommy Sylvia Loraine for sending over these lovely photos.

Here’s what Mommy Sylvia has to say about planning Tiffany Blair’s baptismal party:

“I planned this party for just more than a month. Usually, first birthday and baptism is celebrated together but since we are scheduled to go out of town in May, we decided to have Tiffany baptized before taking the long travel in respect to the superstitious beliefs of her grandparents.

First, I checked the church’s schedule – Santuario De San Antonio . Lucky for me because there was still an open slot on our date of choice. The hard part was looking for a venue within Makati, but we were fortunate that the Loft was still open for booking.

As for K by Cunanan, we were sad when we weren’t able to have them on our wedding, good thing they can accommodate us this time.

Next, I had to look for an event stylist and stumbled upon Party Please’ facebook page. It was a breeze dealing with Pristine, the owner of Party Please. I’m quite fascinated with Kokeshi dolls and my husband is also an anime fanatic. One of our dreams was to be able to visit Japan and witness the Sakura season so that’s why we chose the Japanese Kokeshi Theme. I sent my pegs to Pristine and we met only once but I’m glad everything turned out so beautifully.

Charles and Mitch Productions was a forum suggestion. Luckily, they were available on our date and offers affordable photo and video services.

As for the invites, I just bought the template design at an etsy shop and simply edited the details. It was printed in a local printing shop nearby.

We didn’t have a host or program but everybody enjoyed the relaxing mood of the party. The important part was Tiffany is now baptized and our family and close friends were there to celebrate with us.”

Sharing here with you are some of the baptismal photos of Tiffany Blair. Isn’t she adorable? I specially love the candid shot taken during the preparation.

invitesprepbaptismalbaptismal (2)

Japanese umbrellas and lanterns adorned the venue, all in the chicest hue of pink. The whole venue looks oh-so girly. I love the wishing tree centerpieces, too.

entranceceilingcenterpiececenterpiece (2)centerpiece (3)food (3)food (4)foodfood (2)

These cute Kokeshi dolls entertained the guests at the dessert spread table. Strawberry naked cake! Yum!

sweetssweets (2)sweets (3)sweets (5)sweets (4)

Smile for the camera! I love their photo op area.

photo opphoto op (3)photowall

Welcome to the Christian world, Tiffany Blair!

family pic

You can watch Tiffany Blaire’s party here:


Vendor References and Details:

Venue: The Loft at Manansala
Caterer: K by Cunanan (Tel Nos: 7106445 (Main) 7110940 (Commissary))
Sushi Platter: Red Kimono
Stylist: Party Please
Cake & dessert buffet: Sophie’s Mom (Tel Nos: 856-4849 / 0920 946 3048 )
Souvenirs to godparents: Wooden kokeshi dolls
Photo & video coverage: Charles and Mitch Productions (Mobile No: 0923 432 5176)


  1. I love cherry blossoms and anything Japanese (and Korean, too!), which is why reading this post and seeing the photos was truly a delight for me. Makes me wish I had a daughter, hehe. 🙂

  2. I love stopping by on your blog. These party ideas and decorations are great <3
    I like the way they combine the holy baptism ceremony with a hint of Japanese. <3 the panda

  3. What a cute baby! Welcome to Christianity, Tiffany. 🙂 The reception venue seems to be organized and spacious. It was evident that they had a successful event.

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