Joie’s Cinderella before the Ball Themed Party – 1st Birthday

There are so many iconic moments that come to mind when we think of the Cinderella story. But how many times have you heard kids, when asked what they remember about the story, mention the mice friends or the rough chores Cinderella does around the house? There are probably very few, or none. And so […]

Anjelika’s Ever After High Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Do you believe in fairy tales? Well, you would after you’ve seen our featured party! Anjelika’s party fits both for the Royals and the Rebels. Not sure what that means? Okay, here’s a brief background: Ever After High is a boarding school attended by the children of some of the world’s most notable fairytale characters. […]

Kinno’s Transportation Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Beep Beep! Vroom vroom! Filled with different runabout, details in bold colors and cute treats, this party got all the things little boys adore. As always, Khim of Party Deco put the pedal to the metal and transformed the venue into something awesome by using transportation-themed decorations that is full of boyish charm. From their […]

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