Stella’s Magical Unicorn Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Unicorn Theme Party Ideas

stella unicorn theme party cover

Come and join us as we marvel at the many wonders of this unicorn fantasy come to life! Here we celebrate the 1st birthday of our dear little Stella. This party wouldn’t be a success without Kaye Garcia’s phenomenal skills in creating this unicorn paradise and Party Starters planning prowess. Look into this celebration with Nice Print Photography’s scoop!

At the entrance, every guest was given an extraordinary tiara to wear – each one had a golden unicorn horn surrounded with light pink roses and a pretty pink peony at the center.

unicorn theme party entrance giveaways

Hanging on the ceiling were clusters of white paper lanterns and fluffy, cottony rainbows – a sea of clouds that everyone found very calming and comforting.

unicorn theme party ceiling (1)unicorn theme party ceiling

The stage had a rainbow backdrop with cotton candy clouds in dainty pastel shades. And at the center was a unicorn all lit up in incandescent glow for a fantastical, magical vibe!

unicorn theme party stage

These white kiddie Tiffany chairs were made even prettier with powder blue, baby pink and lavender yarn tied together with ribbon and a pink or blue peony.

unicorn theme party kiddie chairs detail (1)

Even the tables were all dressed up in layers of cloth that mirrored the stage. On each table was a cute unicorn plushie and pretty florals that went spot on with the party’s theme.

unicorn theme party table setup (2)unicorn theme party table setup (3)

What an enchanting sight! A two-tiered lavender cake that was simply too wonderful to eat! The first layer was adorned with the cutest unicorns asleep on marshmallow rainbows and sweet fondant clouds. All the way up to the second layer were bright yellow stars all around the celebrant’s name: Stella – the brightest star of them all! And to top it off was a sweet and dreamy fondant unicorn with a lavender mane.

unicorn theme party sweets (2)

Guests, both young and old, were in for a treat with an array of choices at the dessert table: from caramel cakes to light, fluffy cupcakes with the sweetest fondant unicorns on top, as well as éclairs and chocolate covered cake pops. These delightful treats are sure to bring delight to the inner child in you!

unicorn theme party sweets (1)unicorn theme party sweets (3)

Big smiles, loud guffaws and pure fun can be observed all throughout the show. The magic tricks and every other gimmick made all the kids bawl in laughter!

show (1)show (2)

The party was packed with fun activities for the young guests who had tables with loads of watercolor pens and art paper. They enjoyed writing their birthday messages for Stella on their little works of art. The more colorful, the better!

unicorn theme party activities (1)unicorn theme party activities (2)

Who’d say no to free unicorns?! These little guys along with a goodie bag were given away to each of Stella’s guests.

unicorn theme party giveaways

Stella and her family radiate happiness and love in these family photos. This is what dreams are made of!

family (1)family (7)family (9)familyA

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: Kaye Garcia Events // Coordination: Party Starters // Photo: Nice Print Photography // Cake and desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio // Activities: Smart Play // Caterer: The Creamery Catering

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