Solene’s Sweet Unicorn Dreamland House Party – 5th Birthday

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The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world in an instant, turning our lives upside down is an understatement. With the ongoing restrictions about large gatherings to stop the virus from spreading, people became less reluctant to celebrate important milestones. And for kids, it’s kinda disheartening to be unable to have fun with their friends. But of course, more and more parents are becoming creative in holding a birthday party safely — just like what Solene and her family did for her fantastic fifth fete.

It was an intimate celebration but quite a feast for the eyes nonetheless! Since safety is of utmost priority in these trying times, Everyday Sunday Studios shot the entire event at a distance — to be exact, through the windows of Solene’s lovely home. Here’s a sneak peek of the colorful, sugar-filled bash that’s guaranteed to be your day’s dose of sweetness!

Solene’s fifth birthday was a Candyland-themed affair, with an assortment of sweets adorning the entryway. Pastel-colored balloons completed the décor at the entrance and made a bright welcome for everyone.


Would you believe that they also set up a mini backdrop/dessert table inside? It was such a delightful, playful ensemble that had us tickled pink. And to be honest, the décor was totally an eye-candy! What we loved about it was how everything looked so put together and tasteful, probably because the color palette is softer than the usual candy-inspired themes. It kinda gives you a light, fluffy feeling, much like when you bite into that macaron or take your first lick of a soft-serve sundae!


Of course, the highlight of the main spot was Solene’s birthday cake. And boy, we can’t stop giggling over how adorable it looked! It was a three-tier creation filled to the brim with eye-popping deets like chillaxin’ unicorns, pastel-hued rainbows, golden stars, popsicles, candy sprinkles, and ice cream. Zoom in a little closer to see why we’re gushing over it! Look at the unicorns that adorably flaunted their gloriousness and cuteness — they’re such a scene-stealer!


What’s a birthday without desserts, right? Check out these fancily-made cupcakes that were too pretty to gobble up in one go. These types of sweets are best eaten by nibbling the sides first!


Even if it’s simply a party at home, it can still be just as wonderful as ones done in big venues. We love how they came up with a whimsical photo wall nook, filled with lovely hues of lavender, cotton candy pink, mint, baby blue, and banana yellow. Since girls are not just made of sugar and spice, that happy, winking unicorn is the “everything nice.” Adorable, don’t you think?


Even with the ongoing pandemic, we at Party Doll Manila believe it’s still important to celebrate the little things, more so, milestones – big and small. And with COVID remaining until who knows when, families have to find ingenious ways in marking such occasions—just like Solene’s loving, blessed family of five.


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