Shawn’s The Amazing Spider-Man Themed Party – 4th Birthday


Shawn is feeling a tingling sensation all over his body. It must be his spider senses detecting something exciting, and he’s coming to party with his friends and family dressed like his favorite superhero, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

The scene is set for an action-packed, fun-filled superhero birthday for this bright-eyed 4-year-old, thanks to Party Doll Manila Events and Dianne Khu Designs. Their perfect partnership always produces the most superlative of celebrations, and there to capture all the web-slinging exploits of our young superhero is Oh Hello Studios.

Shawn’s young guests must have been thrilled to receive his birthday invitation—after all, Spider-Man is massively popular among children. We can be sure that most, if not all, of them have started to practice shooting imaginary webs on the walls of their bedrooms.


The function room at The Proscenium by Rockwell is agog with activity. At the entrance, Spider-Man effortlessly hangs from the ceiling and is joined by a group of his radioactive arachnid friends to greet Shawn’s guests.


The main setup is designed to resemble a comic book scene, with the superhero ready for action and poised to leap off a crumbling red brick structure. Shawn’s birthday cake sits on a pedestal on one side. A hoard of prizes and giveaways are on shelves flanking the red brick backdrop, in plain view from the children’s tables.


Shawn’s friends enjoyed the food and the show on white picnic tables set very close to the front. The paper placemats were coloring pages featuring Spider-Man, and these came with a pack of crayons for each child.


The rest of the tables were draped with bright red linen and a striped table runner. A miniature version of Spider-Man on the red brick building serves as the centerpiece.


Blowing out the candle on Shawn’s crime-fighting superhero birthday cake is the coolest thing ever. The bottom layer is covered with a black and yellow fondant cityscape. The skillfully built crumbling red brick structure covers the remaining cake. A fondant “Spider-Kid” shooting a “web barrage” makes an amazing cake topper.


Every “sweet tooth” among the guests experienced a “party-in-the-mouth” with moist chocolate cupcakes covered with fondant spiders, cityscapes, and spider webs. Cake pops and Dalgona candies were a wonderful addition to the dessert spread.


As if the dessert spread was not enough, Shawn’s mom and dad went all out with the incomparable flavors of smooth and creamy Pinoy sorbetes from Sorbelato and the colorful treats from Candy Corner.


The Dancing Balloon Show by Tectonix was flawless. The performers are great at multi-tasking: wearing their huge rainbow-colored balloon hats, they dance to the groove while creating balloon characters for the audience.


There’s never a dull moment at Shawn’s party. He and his friends play to their hearts’ content, jumping, bouncing, and sliding on Apollo and Alonzo’s inflatable playground. The children also had the time of their lives with Color Play Happy’s themed “craftivities” ranging from painting a plaster Spider-Kid coin bank to making web slime and comic book pages. There were so many interesting activities that kept the children happily busy.


Aside from the craftivity kits, Shawn’s young guests went home with loot bags laden with delightful treats. They also received Spider-Man alcohol dispensers and useful inabel towels.


More than his super powers, Spider-Man is a hero because of his good heart and his sense of duty. Shawn could be such a hero many years from now—one whose heart is in the right place and aims for the greater good for all those around him. Cheers to the amazing Shawn!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs | Photo: Oh Hello Studios | Foodcarts: Sorbelato and Candy Corner | Activities: Color Play Happy and Apollo and Alonzo | Host: Clowning Around | Show: Tectonix

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