Ree’s Katy Perry-Inspired Candyland Party – 1st Birthday

It’s not a teenage dream but a baby girl’s dream that came to life as she had a Katy Perry-themed party. With an explosion of pastel-colored goodies all over the venue, this sweet and colorful birthday bash is simply fabulous. We all know what a candyland party looks like and of course, who wouldn’t know Katy Perry? Expect overflowing sweet treats plus Kay Perry’s flamboyant persona, Ree’s party will surely bring out our sassy alter ego ASAP.

The party was held at a clubhouse and before you enter the venue, a big display welcomed the guests to California dREEmland! Lots of colorful hotchpotch formed this perfect installation.

entrance (2)entrance (3)details

The stage set-up was like a mini candyland. Complete with cotton candy frames and lights just like in the music video. There are giant lollipops, too!

stagestage (2)

The table is a mixture of all things cute and sweet. I love how they played with the striped pattern; adding more spice to the whole look. Very Katy Perry-like I must say.

table (3)tabletableA

Ree’s cake featured a huge cupcake with lollipops as its accent. Also spotted here are cute gumball dispensers that served as their party favors.


My personal fave for this event is the dessert table, of course! The cotton balls as clouds completed the sugary paradise.

sweets (11)sweets (3)sweetsAsweets (4)sweets (7)sweetsB

Here’s another photo op area – fluffy cotton candy wonderland! I love how the colorful wigs and candy-inspired headbands instantly made the kids the perfect mini Katy Perrys.

guests (3)guests (2)

Here’s the little sweetie Ree with her gorgeous mom and dad.


Vendor listing and reference:
Venue: Wood Grove Park, San Fernando Pampanga
Event Stylist: Pinwheel Crafts and Events
Photo Credit: Pinwheel Crafts and Events
Host: Simon
Caterer: Ala Creme

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