Sophia’s Art Themed Party – 1st Birthday

I’m super stoked to share with you this uber fun art themed party from Sophia’s 1st birthday. What I like about this theme is aside from being visually appealing to kids, it’s quite easy to execute too. Pretty much anything colorful can be used and is great in this theme. Held at Sophia’s very own backyard, the relaxing ambiance clearly gave these little Picasso’s more inspiration to let their creativity flow naturally. Remarkably styled by the talented ladies of Pinwheel Crafts and Events, the glorious burst of color sure set a very festive tone.

I like how they decided to keep the decorations to a minimum but nonetheless pretty. The mismatched torn fabric garland is a terrific accent at the ceiling – colorful, flow-y and chic.

ceilingdetailsdetails (3)

Who knew that old tin cans adorned with washi tapes would actually make a nice vase? It created a huge impact for very little money spent, which makes it perfect. The miniature popsicle cookie stand with modern art cookie looks so cuuute!

centerpiececenterpiece (2)centerpieceA

These arts and crafts project is a fun activity to keep the little guests busy at the party and the best part? Their little projects also double as party souvenirs.

activity (2)activityactivityA

The colorfest at Sophia’s sweet treats spread matched the whole theme perfectly.

sweetsAsweetssweets (7)sweets (2)sweets (6)’s the pretty little muchkin.

details (2)

Vendor listing and reference:
Styling and photography: Pinwheel Crafts and Events
Sweet treats: Sweet and Fancy
Macarons: My Sweet Tooth by Chinadoll
Caterer: Sheryl Ong


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