Mattia’s Parisian Tea Party – 7th Birthday

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Paris – the city of lights, of quaint outdoor cafés, good wine and “Le Goûter”, the French equivalent of the British high tea that’s pleasurably sweet and definitely “très délicieux” with sugary comfort food like crème cakes, chocolate croissants, crêpes, or the madeleine. Just the image of vintage tea cups and a tiered silver tray of delectable French pastries straight from the oven can spur the imagination and inspire a divine Parisian tea party theme to celebrate a milestone birthday! Today’s celebrant, the adorable 7-year-old Mattia, must have had the most dazzling smile on her face and uttered an excited “Merci beaucoup!”. Event stylist, Party Magic, simply did what they’re best at… creating a world that’s just as Mattia dreamed it would be. And thanks to Artystafoto Kids’ brilliant photos, she could keep her memories from this once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

The entrance calls to mind those charming flower shops along Le Marais, one of Paris’s oldest and trendiest neighborhoods. It’s such a refreshing sight – as if spring has come in this singular flower shop with its buckets of orange and yellow princess lilies, multitudinous white blossoms of Aster, and huge blooms of peach and white peonies. Guests could sit on the white wrought iron garden chairs and enjoy the soothing fragrance of the flowers in this picture-perfect setting and take an Instagram-worthy photo to take home with them. There couldn’t be a prettier sight, and if we were in France, we’d all be exclaiming, “très jolis”!

entrance with photowall_1037entrance_photowall_09560

Yards of white fabric make a fabulously dreamy canopy. Several paper lantern balls in white, peach and lavender hues hang randomly around. The center of the fabric canopy, is beautifully adorned with white lace parasols reminiscent of the Victorian era, each with pastel colored blooms of peonies, Gerber daisies and chrysanthemums. Garlands of peach and white flowers, and wreaths of lush green leaves hang all around the lace parasols. It’s simply beautiful and magical, it could make you sigh with delight and admiration.

ceiling_0965 copyceiling_0953

The stage is a gorgeous garden, perfect for an afternoon tea. Topiaries of varying sizes create visions of the perfect hedges in the gardens of Versailles. The white picket fence and white shutters cleverly crafted to hold lovely flower arrangements go perfectly with the topiaries and their white planters. An assemblage of ornaments – a bird cage, a small white bicycle with a pot of flowers, watering cans and buckets of peonies, princess lilies and other flowers make for a shabby chic staging. A white Arbor bench is tucked at the side of this wonderful, perfectly styled stage. Oui, oui! C’est très merveilleux!


Salmon pink table cloth and runners in a lighter shade of pink dress up the tables. Blue and white hydrangeas, and pink and white roses, beautifully arranged on rustic wooden containers make a pleasing table centerpiece.


Mattia blew the candle on a towering three-layer cake covered in smooth pink fondant. A bouquet of gumdrop and fondant flowers and a hand-painted spray of the same flowers adorn the cake. And since this is a Parisian tea party-inspired birthday, what better cake topper could there be than a pink Eiffel Tower? Isn’t this cake just too pretty to eat?

cake_08915 copycake_09002

The sweets spread is every child’s daydream… There’s literally a wall of donuts! There are tiered-trays of cupcakes, cake pops and sugar cookies shaped like a number 7, and all prettified with frosting, icing flowers and hand-painted Eiffel Towers. In addition, the guests could also enjoy warm, freshly-made fruit crepes by Crepeman Café and yummy cotton candy by Fluffed, the cotton candy connoisseur. Along with the cake, these treats make the perfect dessert.


Birthday parties are really for children. More than anyone, they experience the fun and all the excitement that come with the party. This must be so with Mattia’s young guests who enjoyed playing Pop the Balloons and Hit the Cans in terrific booths set up specially for them. The children must have been thrilled as they lined up for face-painting which is always a hit with the young ones… just take a look at the adorable pink unicorn painted on this cute little lady and that contented smile on her face.

game boothsAside activities_09479

What is a birthday party without that “un petit souvenir”? Mattia’s guests received a wonderful gift wrapped in nice fabric, neatly tied with a ribbon and placed in sky blue and pink miniature buckets.


The name Mattia is Romansh meaning Gift of God and it gives us a good idea how her parents must have felt when she came into their world. “Elle est pleine de vie!” – she will certainly have a full, happy life, and celebrate more milestones with a family that’s blessed with love.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Styling: Party Magic // Photography: Artystafoto Kids // Cake and Dessert Buffet: Sugarplum Pastries // Food: Verleo Catering // Food Booth Providers: Crepeman and Fluffed // Host and Entertainment: Madz Canillas and One Groove PH // Close-up Magic: Tom Weil – Magician // Mattia’s Dress: Laila P. Ramos // Venue: Events Center, Century City Mall

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