Jelaena’s Tutti Frutti Themed Party – Baptismal Celebration

A christening is always a memorable occasion! While most baptismal celebrations are all about cakes and chocolates, one lovely couple marked a milestone for Baby Jelaena with an interesting theme on fruits – and I could not have been more pleased with the results!

Let us hear directly from Sarah Abano of With a Flourish (Event Stylist) what she has to say about this bash steeped with healthy ideas.

“Every element in this baptismal event evokes the freshness and goodness that only fruits can give. Fruits already have vibrant colors – so they themselves are the décor. Together with our selection of matching props, they wonderfully execute a colorful palette of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens.

To complement the theme, With A Flourish team decided to go away with the usual centerpiece for the sweets table, and instead made use of kiddie bookshelves transformed into fruit stands – which I personally call ‘untable.’ Although this was a more modern take on the classic fruit stand, the old wooden fruit crates still maintained the authenticity and natural charm of a real fruit stall. To complete the experience of shopping for fruits, baskets were also provided to the guests.

The choice of desserts and treats were also very much aligned with the theme. We served fruit-shaped and fruit-flavored gummies and mallows, calamansi muffins with cream cheese frosting, mini strawberry and blueberry cheesecakes, lemon bars, and Oreo pops in citrus shades. Our collection of desserts was a perfect balance between healthy and sweet.

Of course, the handmade touch is part of every event we create. The garland made of orange, lemon, pink lemonade, and lime were a labor of love. Kilos of lemons and limes were also sliced for the centerpieces, and each were inserted and lined up by hand in mason jars to stop them from floating on top. The look was tricky to create and took so many hours to complete that our fingers could quite literally make fresh lemonade just by soaking them in water! Speaking of lemonade, a mini lemonade stand was also served to quench anyone’s thirst from the overload of sweets.

There is just so much to mention but let us end this piece with fresh succulents as giveaways.”

Sounds so much fun! Check out the following fruity snaps and treat yourselves to Jelaena’s wide selection of fresh produce!

I love the casual and summery look of the tablescape which combined deep reds and pinks with bright bursts of green. The floral arrangement in mason jars that were jammed with water plus some slices of fresh lemons and limes set the scene!

tabl (2)tabl (1)

A cake topped with so many delicious flavors is something you cannot help but fall in love with! Ergo on your next bash, why not swap in your favorite chocolate cake for some fruity cake? You are guaranteed to have something that is not only healthy, but also something that looks refreshingly happy on any party table.


Time to check out the goods! Bursting with natural sweetness and color, the fruity treats made this station an instant focal point in the room. The use of adorable trays and containers was a clever idea to make kids love and gobble up the healthy snacks. There were cool lemonades too! AAAH, the entire scene is something that reminds me of the summer days when I used to stop at a roadside fruit stand for fresh apples and strawberries!

sweetssweets (8)sweets (4)sweets (12)sweets (9)sweets (3)sweets (7)sweets (1)sweets (14)sweets (5)sweets (6)

Of course, a celebration just would not be complete without something sweet for the attendees. Those baskets and cute succulents made the perfect takeaways!

favorsfavors (2)

What a charmer! Mommy and Daddy looked every inch the happy family on a special day out with Baby Jelaena!

family (2)


Vendor listing and references:
Venue: Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico // Event stylist and favors: With A Flourish // Photography: Photography by Regina // Cake and cake pops: Sweet Dreams

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